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Neuroscience 101L SyllabusWinter 2006DATEWEEKTOPICREADINGLECTURESONMONDAYANDTHURS.Monday1/91Molecular NeurobiologyBoulter/WeinmasterSee Reader on MolecularBiologyMonday1/162Molecular NeurobiologyBoulter/WeinmasterNo lecture on 1/16MLK Day—LABS MEETFirst write-up due Thursday1-19-06.See Reader on MolecularBiologyMonday1/223Molecular NeurobiologyBoulter/WeinmasterSee Reader on MolecularBiologyMonday1/304Human NeuropsychologyDr. E. ZaidelMolecular Final write-upsdue start of lecture 2-2-06Reader onNeuropsychologyMonday2/65Human NeuropsychologyDr. E. ZaidelReader onNeuropsychologyMonday2/136Human NeuropsychologyDr. E. ZaidelReader onNeuropsychologyMonday2/207Virtual Neural CircuitsDr. KrasneNo lecture 2/20 butLABS HAPPENNeuropsychology write-upsDue at start of lab.Reader on SwimmyMonday2/278Virtual Neural CircuitsDr. KrasneReader on SwimmyMonday3/69Oocyte RecordingsDr. CorreaSWIMMY write up due startof respective labsReader on oocyterecordingMonday3/1310Oocyte RecordingsDr. CorreaReader on oocyterecordingMonday3/20FinalsOocyte write-ups due onrespective lab daysLabs due between 11:00-11:30 in A456 FranzLectureDays Start Stop Bldg RoomMon 10:00A- 10:50AM Geology 3656Thurs 10:00A- 10:50AM Kinsey Pavilion (KNUDSEN) 1240B (1240B)LabsDays Start Stop Bldg RoomTues 9:00A 11:50A FRANZ A456Wed 9:00A 11:50A FRANZ A456Instructors Dr. Bill Grisham ([email protected]) 825-7990Office: Franz 8425 DOffice Hours: As Announced IN LAB and by AppointmentDr. Jim Boulter ([email protected])Dr. Frank Krasne [email protected] Gerry Weinmaster ([email protected])Dr. Eran Zaidel ([email protected])Dr. Nani Correa ([email protected])TAs:Eric Mooshagian [email protected] Kane [email protected] Helpful web sites:Writing in general: Style: is mandatory and will be taken. Failure to attend lab will result in a 30% gradepenalty for that module. Students will only come to the lab section in which they areenrolled. Lab doors will be locked ten minutes after class starts. Work must be turned in toDr. Grisham. There will be a late penalty of 10% of total possible points for each day late--exceptions only for illness WITH DOCUMENTATION, or death in immediate family WITHDOCUMENTATION. The full late penalty will be assessed 10 minutes after the start of class.Penalty will go to 20% after 8 hours late. Computer trouble, printer trouble, or traffic will notbe an acceptable reason for an extension. Assignments are due at the start of lab period. Allassignments must be typed and partial assignments will not be accepted. Email assignmentswill not be acceptable. Dr Grisham will handle re-grades. If a student requests a re-grade,their entire assignment will be regarded, and the student’s grade can go up OR GO DOWN.Students have one week after receiving their paper back to request a re-grade, after one week,requests will not be considered.Plagiarism and CheatingAll work MUST be the student’s own individual work. We will use TURNITIN, accessiblefrom your MyUCLA, and an electronic copy of your assignment is due at the same time asyour hardcopy is due. Collaborative efforts (explicit or implicit) will not be acceptable. DoNOT work together on any assignment. Sharing your work on a paper or take home examwill be considered the same as sharing an answer in an in-class exam. Using papers fromprevious terms meets the definition of plagiarism. Do not use templates from previouscourses. You have an obligation to behave in an ethically responsible manner. We have aZERO TOLERANCE for plagiarism and cheating in this course. Cheaters and plagiarists willbe referred to the Dean of Students.Academic Honesty:Cheating including plagiarism: To PLAGIARIZE is to "steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one'sown without crediting the source; present as new and original an idea or product derived froman existing source," (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, Springfield: G. & C. MerriamCompany, 1973, 870.).GradingGrading will be straight scaled. Modules will be weighted in proportion to the number ofweeks of duration. That is three week modules = 30% of grade and two week modules =20% of grade.Grading scale97-100 A+93-96 A90-92 A-87-89 B+83-86 B80-82 B-77-79 C+73-76 C70-72 C-67-69 D+63-66 D60-63 D- BELOW 60

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