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U of I CS 427 - Project Schedule for MI Uniform Database

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Not a scheduleProject Schedule for MI Uniform DatabasePlanningScopeHow to learn scopeExample ScopeSlide 7EstimationTask decompositionRUP Task decompositionRUP estimationFunctional DecompositionExample - in PHPExample - reusing OOPSLA systemSchedulingPlanning effort - COCOMOManaging a RUP projectIncremental planningScheduling in XPTracking in XPPlanning XP ProjectPlanning XPCharacteristics of XP PlanningOrderSlide 25Next timeCS427 8-1Not a schedulePreliminary It. Iter. 1 Iter. 2 Iter. 3 Iter. 7 Iter. 8 Iter. 9ElaborationInception Construction TransitionCS427 8-2Project Schedule for MI Uniform Database -Inception Phase (3 weeks) -Form the team. -Choose the software engineering process. -Choose the team members' roles. -Get requirements from customer. -First Iteration (3 weeks) -Decide database storage location. -Select database technology. -Design database. -Implement database. -Second Iteration (2 weeks) -Finalize requirements on interface to the database. -Design structure for interface. -Implement interface to database. -Third Iteration (3 weeks) -Test and debug software. -Design installer for programCS427 8-3PlanningMust know scopeRequires some analysis/designBased on historyAlways riskyCS427 8-4ScopeThe customer’s needsThe business contextThe project boundariesThe customer’s motivationThe likely paths for changeCS427 8-5How to learn scopeWork with customerAsk questionsWork on document togetherDefine problemPropose solutionsEvaluate potential solutionsSpecify first set of requirementsCS427 8-6Example ScopeBuild a web site for Journal of Pattern Languages of Programming. Customers are readers, authors, reviewers, editors. Purpose is to create a literature of pattern languages.Must register to read or post.Readers can see published papers (PDF and HTML), can comment on papers.CS427 8-7Authors can submit paper and can see status of paper.Reviewers can post reviews for papers they are reviewing and can see other reviewsEditors can see all status on all papersCS427 8-8EstimationDepends on scopeDecompose (functional or task)Based on historyUse at least two techniques“Estimation” is riskyCS427 8-9Task decompositionDepends on processXP is based on storiesRUP is based on use cases, architecture, componentsCS427 8-10RUP Task decompositionsystems analyst lists use casesuse case specifier describes them in detailarchitect selects the most importantuse-case engineer makes “realization”component engineer makes analysis classes and packages (groups of classes)… for design, implementation, and testingCS427 8-11RUP estimationMeasure amount of time needed to analyze, design, implement and test a use case.Given number of unanalyzed use cases, estimate total work needed to finish.Given number of analyzed use cases, estimate total work needed to finish.Given number of designed use cases, ...CS427 8-12Functional DecompositionDivide program into piecesEstimate the cost of each pieceLines of code / speed of developersFunction points / speed of developersMan-monthsCS427 8-13Example - in PHPRegistration - 2 man-weeksReaders - 1 man-weekAuthors - 1 man-weekReviewers - 3 man-weeksEditors - 6 man-weeksCS427 8-14Example - reusing OOPSLA systemLearning Java and servlets - 3 weeksChanging registration - 1 man-weekReaders - 1 man-weekEditors - 2 man-weeksCS427 8-15SchedulingPHP - 13 man-weeks / 2 people = 6.5 weeksOOPSLA - 3 weeks for learning + 4 man-weeks / 2 people = 5 weeksOther considerationsAnn and Bob really want to learn Java.Management wants to get into Java.CS427 8-16Planning effort - COCOMOGiven size of system, will predict effort.Size = KLOC, FP, otherEffort in man-months = 2.45 E (Size)PE is product of many factorsproduct complexitypersonnel experiencerequired reliabilityP is between 1.01 and 1.26CS427 8-17Managing a RUP projectPlanningRequirementsArchitectureTransitionIteration 3ElaborationIteration 1 Iteration 5ConstructionIteration 2 Iteration 7Iteration 4 Iteration 6InceptionCS427 8-18Incremental planningMake detailed plan for next iterationMake fuzzy plan for other phasesRepeatedly revise plansRUP has project plan and iteration planCS427 8-19Scheduling in XPZero’th iterationwrite storiesprototype until developers can estimatecreate “system metaphor”Set of stories, with estimate for eachProject velocity - how much work for iterationSchedule - tasks in each iterationCS427 8-20Tracking in XPIterations are fixed length (1,2,3 weeks)Length never varies; work varies.If developers need less or more work, they talk to customer to decide what to move.Project velocity determined by measuring amount of work done.CS427 8-21Planning XP ProjectDevelopers estimate storiesCustomer uses velocity to place stories in groups for each iterationCustomer gives one iteration of stories to developersActual number of stories done during iteration becomes the new velocity.CS427 8-22Planning XP Customer can report long-term schedule to his boss.Customer canadd storiesrevise, remove, reschedule storiesDevelopers only worry about stories in current iteration. (Except for estimation.)CS427 8-23Characteristics of XP PlanningRequires a few iterations to make good estimatesNext iterations are easier to predict than iterations that are far awayEasy to change schedule by changing storiesCS427 8-24OrderBuild system incrementallyWhich part is built first?If A depends on B, build B firstRisky part firstPart you know firstMost valuable to the customer firstCS427 8-25Is XP planning more incremental than RUP planning?How do you estimate in XP?How do you estimate in RUP?CS427 8-26Next timeRead chapter 11 of Hamlet and

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