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UNCW PSY 352 - Health Psychology

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Psychology 352 Health Psychology Summer 2011 Session I Days: M-Th Time: 2:35 – 4:50 Room: SB 108 Instructor: Richard Ogle, PhD Office: SB 214A Office Hours: By appointment. Phone: 910.962.7753 Email: [email protected] Text Brannon, L., & Feist, J. (2010). Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health 7th Edition. Stamford, CT: Wadsworth. Course Description IN A WORLD (don’t you hate that when movie trailers start that way?) where most people in this country live long lives, the burden, chore and hobby of health maintenance has increased in significance. How do people negotiate this task of maintaining health? Also, how do those afflicted with chronic illness or illness related to lifestyle make important behavior change to live healthy productive lives? The field of behavioral medicine/health psychology endeavors to answer these questions through the use of science and to improve the manner in which we function. Content will be presented through text reading, lecture and video. Class discussion makes this course more interesting and will be encouraged and respected. Course Requirements Requirements for this course include: 1. Reading the assigned chapters (hopefully before the lecture) 2. Four multiple choice exams 3. 5 – 10 random in-class written reaction papers Reaction Papers You are required to write in-class reaction papers. These papers will be assigned on random days throughout the semester. The papers are designed to help you think critically about a topic and articulate your thoughts in writing. Grading Grades will be assigned based on test scores and reaction papers. Point totals are as follows: 1. Three 60 point exams………………180 points2. 5-10 5 point reaction papers………..25 - 50 points Total = 205 – 230 points Your grade will be based on your final point total. The highest point total obtained in the class will be the top of the scale. Grades will be scaled off this total using the standard grade ranges. The grade ranges are as follows: 90% or greater = A range 80% - 89% = B range 70 – 79% = C range 60 – 69% = D range 59% and below = F range Schedule May 19 Chapter 1: What is Health Psychology? 23 Chapter 2: Research Methods in Health Psychology 24 Chapter 3: Seeking Health Care 25 Chapter 4: Adhering to Medical Advice 26 Exam 1: 60 multiple choice questions 30 MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY- NO CLASS 31 Chapter 5: Defining and Measuring Stress June 1 Chapter 6: Understanding Stress and Disease I 2 Chapter 6: Understanding Stress and Disease II 6 Chapter 7: Understanding Pain 7 Exam 2: 60 multiple choice questions 8 Chapter 9: Cardiovascular Disease I 9 Chapter 9: Cardiovascular Disease I 13 Chapter 10: Cancer I 14 Chapter 10: Cancer II 15 Chapter 11: Chronic Illness I 16 Chapter 11: Chronic Illness II 20 Chapter 12: Smoking 21 Final Exam: 60 questions (5:00 – 8:00). Important Information 1. Although I do not take attendance, it is important to attend class. Enough test material comes from lecture material that missing lectures will influence your grade. In addition, reaction papers are assigned on a random basis. Missing more than two will significantly influence your grade.2. Normally exams cannot be made-up. If you know in advance that you cannot make a certain test date, talk to me and we can schedule the test in advance. In certain emergency/bizarre circumstances tests can be made up if missed. 3. I am not normally a fan of cheating. Cheating will be dealt with based on UNCW policies. Please refer to your student handbook. Short version – cheaters fail the course. 4. The purpose of this class is to have FUN learning about yourself and others.

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