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ISU KNR 295 - Research Proposal Assignment

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Read This FirstTitleIntroduction/RationaleMethodologyDesignData Analysis & Expected ResultsReferencesValidity CritiqueKNR 295: Honors Seminar Research ProposalResearch Proposal Assignment (Worth 50% of course grade)Subject Headers And Content – FOLLOW THIS STRUCTURE IN YOUR PAPERTitleChoose a brief title that identifies the research question being investigated. Typically, you will at least hint at the independent and dependent variable(s). See evaluation handout…Introduction/RationaleSummarize the theoretical background for the study. I will be looking for a focus in this review of literature that adopts a strong critical perspective. Do not just describe what the paper/papers you have read ‘do.’ do not just describe what the authors state their results mean (by all means state this, but also try to state whether you agree and why or why not). Throughout the review, look for other interpretations/omissions. Given that yourresearch question will have grown out of a shortcoming in the current research (most likely in just one paper), the purpose of this introduction will be to convince me that this shortcoming is real and needs remediation, and to present other relevant research (if necessary) that supports your interpretation of the problem. The rationale should flow clearly to your experimental hypothesis.HypothesisClearly state your experimental hypothesis (NOT a null hypothesis)MethodologyParticipantsHow many? What other factors need to be controlled, given the focus of your study? Present all demographics you feel are pertinent to your study.DesignIdentify whether your study is an experiment or not, name the variables, state operationalization.Procedure What will participants do? Provide enough detail that the conduct of the experiment is clear. Data Analysis & Expected ResultsWhat statistical analysis will be used, and what results will confirm the experimental hypotheses? Clearly relate the results back to the experimental hypothesis. (This section may be very brief ~ I will provide further detail when I discover how much time we have for analysis matters!)References Provide a full list of references (in APA format) used throughout the proposal. It is not my intention to make this proposal about digging through research, but you would normally read around your one central paper to make sure you are not misrepresenting anything inyour analysis of the issues.1 of 2Read This First Deadline: Last day of classes – drop off in the office or in my mailbox.Format: The paper should be typed; font size 12; 1” margins on all sides; double spaced throughout; follow the section headers given belowLength: Introduction/rationale: Max. 1-2 pages; Methods: Max. 2 pages; Results: a paragraph Critique on internal/external/construct validity: Max. 2-3 pages. Hence 7 pages total length should be the longest paper possible.Content: See below for specific guidelines.Relation to objectives in syllabus: This assignment is designed to assess your general acquisition of all course objectives related to understanding and critiquing research.Grading criteria: The critique at the end of the paper is the most important section of this assignment, and will play the largest part in determining your grade. However, this is your first attempt at such an assignment, and will be graded accordingly (i.e. leniently). You should develop a good rationale for your study (based upon altering/improving one previous research paper); show a good grasp of internal,KNR 295: Honors Seminar Research ProposalValidity CritiqueAssess the strengths and weaknesses of your study in terms of its validity. Address conclusion, construct, internal, and external validity concerns. This is not the place to be brief – it is your objective to demonstrate mastery of these concepts here.2 of

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