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FIU GEO 242 - Syllabus

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Geography 242Geography of the Middle East Spring, 2007 Instructor: Dr. Ira M. Sheskin Office: 217 Ferre (Geography Department Office — 225 Ferre)Phone: 305-284-6693 (Voice Mail) 305-284-4087 (Geography Department Office)FAX at home: 954-435-5566E-Mail: [email protected] Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10 - 11 and 2 - 3 and by appointmentTexts: Colbert C. Held, Middle East Patterns, People, Places, and Politics, Fourth EditionGilbert, Martin, The Routeledge Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Seventh EditionNational Geographic Atlas of the Middle East 1. Introduction (Chapter 1 and Slide Set 1)A. The Paradigms of GeographyB. Defining the Middle EastC. Subregions of the Middle East2. Physical Geography - Geomorphology (Chapter 2 and Slide Set 2)A. Earthquakes and VolcanosB. Water BodiesC. Three Major Landform Regions (Northern Highlands, Central Middle East, Arabian Peninsula)D. Middle Eastern rivers and water schemes3. Physical Geography - Climatology (Chapter 2 and Slide Set 3)A. Five Factors in Middle East ClimateB. Elements of Middle East ClimateC. Koppen Climate Classification and Climographs D. Changing Middle Eastern Climates 4. Historical Geography (Chapter 3 and Slide Set 4)A. Sequent OccupanceB. Empire after Empire5. Population Geography (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 5)A. Data ProblemsB. Population DistributionC. Demographic IndicesD. Problems and Advantages of Population GrowthE. Demographic Transition TheoryF. Population PyramidsG. Migration6. Peoples of the Middle East (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 6)A. Race B. Language7Religions of the Middle East (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 7)A. Important of ReligionB. Separation of “Church” and State”C. The Israeli Election SystemD. World ReligionsE . Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Other Religions8. Ethnic Groups (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 8)A. Arabs, Turks, Persians, othersB. Situation in Cypress9. Urban Geography I - Themes (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 9)A. Ancient CitiesB. Greek and Islamic InfluenceC. Internal Structure of the CityD. World and Middle East City SizeE. Primate CitiesF. Megalopolitan GrowthG. Port Cities and Capital CitiesH. City Growth and Urban Problems10. Urban Geography II - Representative Cities (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 10)A. CairoB. JerusalemC. Damascus and AleppoD. IstanbulE. TehranF. BaghdadG. Kuwait CityH. Israeli New Towns (Beersheva)11. Middle East Agriculture (Chapter 5 and Slide Set 11)A. Agriculture Location Theory (von Thunen) B. Importance of Middle Eastern AgricultureC. Land Ownership IssuesD. Crop TypesE. Irrigation IssuesF. Animals12. Middle Eastern Natural Resources - Oil, Natural Gas, Other Minerals (Chapter 6 and Slide Set 12) A. Production and SupplyB. History of the Oil and Natural Gas IndustryC. Consumption of Oil and Natural GasD. Transportation of OilE. Other Minerals13 Manufacturing and Transportation (Chapter 7 and Slide Set 13)A. Industrial Location Theory (Weber)B. Diversification of EconomiesC. Historical Perspective on Middle Eastern ManufacturingD. Seven Middle Eastern Economic Zones (Nile Delta, Levant, Turkey, Western Iran, Iraq, Gulf, SaudiArabia )E. Transportation and Trade14. Political Geography - Geopolitics (Chapter 8 and Slide Sets 14 - 15)A. MacKinder and Spykman (Heartland and Rimland)B. States and Nations and SupranationalismC. Shapes of StatesD. Types of BoundariesE. Boundary DisputesF. Strategic Straits15. Political Geography - Situations (Chapter 8 and Slide Set 16)A. Lebanon Civil War (1975-1991)B. Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)C. Persian Gulf War (Iraq Invasion of Kuwait) (1990 - 1991)D. Iraq Invasion by US (2003 - )16. Political Geography - The Arab-Israeli Conflict (Chapter 8)A. Historical Geography Before 1880 (Abraham to the Ottomans) (Slide Set 17)B. Historical Geography 1880 - 1920 (Ottomans to End of World War I) (Slide Set 18)C. Historical Geography 1920 - 1947 (End of World War I, Mandate Period, Holocaust, End of WorldWar II) (Slide Set 19)D. Historical Geography 1947 - 1949 (Slide Set 20)1. Partition of Palestine2. Results of the 1948 War (territorial changes, two sets of refugees)E. Historical Geography 1949 - 1972 (End of 1948 War to Build Up to 1983 War (Slide Set 21)1. 1956 Sinai Campaign2. 1967 Six Day War and UN Resolution 2423. War of Attrition 1969-19704. Formation of the PLO and TerrorismF. Recent Events (Slide Set 22)1. Yom Kippur War (1973)2. Movement toward Peace and Camp David I3. Intifada I (1987)4. Gulf War and Oslo5. Camp David II6. Intifada II, Gaza Withdrawal, Israel-Hezballah WarCourse GradingCategory Chapters Slide Sets Number of PointsMidterm 1 - 4 1 -10 100Final 5 - 8 11 - 22 100Map Quiz 50Attendance 50Total 3001. A list of places that you need to know for the map questions is attached.2. You must bring a number two pencil to each exam.3. If your native language is not English, you may bring a translation dictionary to the exams.4. If at all possible, I will check my e-mail at 11:30 PM the night before each exam.5. PowerPoint presentations are on Blackboard. Students are encouraged to print out the presentations andbring them to class ( Incompletes are given only as prescribed in the Bulletin. Incompletes are not given so that the studentcan avoid a failing grade. No extra credit is available to any student under any circumstances.7. Make-up exams are only given if a student misses an exam for an approved reason. This includes, but isnot limited to, medical reasons and family emergencies. Appropriate written documentation needs to beprovided at the time of the exam. 8. Office hours are as indicated above. If you are coming on any particular day, please let me know duringclass or via e-mail. If you come to my office during my office hours and I am not there, ask thedepartment secretary to call me on my cell phone. Feel free to fax me at home or to e-mail me. 9. has good outline maps.Places to Know for Map QuizCountriesAfghanistanAlgeriaBahrainEgyptIranIraqIsraelJordanKuwaitLebanonLibyaMoroccoOmanQatarSaudi ArabiaSyriaTunisiaTurkeyUnited Arab EmiratesYemenCitiesAbu DhabiAlexandriaAlgiersAmmanAnkaraAswanBaghdadBasraBeirutCairoCasablancaDamascusIstanbulJerusalemKirkukKuwait CityMeccaMedinaMosulMuscatRabatRiyadhSanaTehranTel AvivTripoliTunisRiversEuphratesJordanNileShatt al ArabTigrisWater BodiesArabian SeaBab el Mandeb StraitsDead SeaGulf of Aqaba Persian GulfRed SeaStraits of HormuzSuez CanalMountainsAtlasHejaz ZagrosDesertsArabianLibyanNegevRub al KhaliSaharaIslandsCyprusOtherGaza StripGolan HeightsSinai

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