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Crypto-Jews: A Lost History

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Annotated Bibliography Crypto-Jews: A Lost History Chelsea Armijo BOOKS: • Apel, Dora. Memory Effects: The Holocaust and the Art of secondary Witnessing. New Brunswick, New Jersey, and London: Rutgers University Press, 2002.  This book is centered on the effects of the Holocaust, but it is useful while examining the fragmented memory and how it is past down through the generations. • Gitlitz, David. Secrecy and Deceit: The Religion of the Crypto-Jews. Albuquerque: First University of New Mexico Press, 2002.  A documentation of the religious customs of the Iberian Jews who converted to Catholicism. It provides a historical background and context of the duress of the Spanish Inquisition and the anti-Semitism in New Spain. This book is helping me understand how my ancestors preserved their Jewish culture despite the anti-Semitism and efforts of the Inquisition to suppress them. • Golden, Gloria. Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans. University of California: Floricanto Press, 2005.  Writing down oral history. This book is a collection of Crypto-Jew stories. Because there has been so much secrecy around Crypto- Judaism, much of my history has been lost and within my family it is hard to discern truth from fiction. By reading a collection of stories with a similar historical background this book provides a larger context for me to understand my family’s history. • Janet Liebman, Hidden Heritage: The Legacy of the Crypto-Jews. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 20002.  An ethnographic study in historical perspective. This book is making me knowledgeable about the religion and history of Crypto-Jews. It is also providing a link to memory as it unfolds a Hidden Heritage. It talks about the recovery of Sephardic ancestry and Crypto-Jewish decedents embracing not only an ancestral spiritual tradition, but also a cultural past steeped in the unique and complex history of Jewish people.AV SOURCES: • Blatter, Janet. Art of the Holocaust. New York: Layla Productions and The Rutledge Press. 1981.  This book is a collection of art from during the Holocaust and its effects several generations later. I will be using this book for insight and inspiration for my animation. • Coffee Colored Children. Dir. Ngozi Onwurah. DVD. 1988.  An auto-ethnographic piece on black children growing up in a white neighborhood. I will use this film as a mentor in using the body as a canvas. With the understanding that images have the power to incite emotions in us, drawing upon different experiences and memories- the body becomes a very powerful vehicle to provoke emotions. The body is a timeless subject: one that no matter your age, race or cultural background you can relate to. It is a unifying figure, thus a figure that has enormous amounts of power to appreciate and understand differences, as well as generate superiority and oppression. • Faith. Dir. Soon-Mi Yoo. DVD. 1999.  I will be using Soon-Mi Yoo’s stylistic approach as an insight for formatting and conveying the fragmented memory. • My Family’s Lineage: Sephardic Jews, Dir. Chelsea Armijo DVD. 2005.  I will be using my film that I previously made as a starting ground to build off of. Smile. (can I cite my own work?) WEBSITES: •  Recently Palace of the Governors had an exhibit on Crypto-Jews and when I am in New Mexico I will be using them as a resource. •  A comprehensive history and background of crypto-Jews. •  An online forum/newsletter for Jewish

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