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EASTFIELD COLLEGE SCI/PHED 2012SP-PHED-1164-4433 2/27-5/10 FITNESS & WELLNESS I AND II COURSE SYLLABUS PHED 1164 and PHED 1134 1 Cr. Hr. DISTANCE LEARNING Sections: 4433 INSTRUCTOR: Bob Flickner Office #: P203 Mailing Address: 3737 Motley Dr. Email Address: Mesquite, TX 75150 [email protected] Office Phone #: 972-860-7642 Fax #: 972-860-8374 Office Hours M 3-4 PM, W 10-11 AM, T-R 10-11 AM, Online Fri. 8-9AM Read this syllabus thoroughly and retain it for future reference. It contains valuable information about this course and is subject to change by the instructor. COURSE DESCRIPTION: PHED 1164 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness I (1) This is a Texas Common Course Number. Prerequisite: Developmental Reading 0093 or English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044 or have met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standard in Reading. Students are introduced to wellness related concepts and activities for the purpose of gaining knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate personal fitness level and to develop a personal lifelong fitness program. Activities include, but are not limited to: aerobics, circuit training, muscular development, flexibility, agility exercises, weight training and body composition. (3 Lab.) Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 3105015223 PHED 1134 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness II (1) This is a Texas Common Course Number. Basic skills and techniques of fitness-related activities are developed beyond the beginner level. (3 Lab.) Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 3601085123 STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Student demonstrates improvement in their fitness level as measured by their fitness scores. 2. Student designs an appropriate individual program of fitness for future fitness and wellness.COURSE OBJECTIVES: To evaluate personal fitness levels and health behaviors within the parameters of fitness components. To develop plans for, and to demonstrate active participation in a personal fitness program for improvement in fitness levels and health behaviors. To describe the relationship and the interaction of lifestyle and disease and the major issues that affect our health and wellness. To understand the contribution of physical activity to overall physical, social, mental, and emotional well being. To identify methods and techniques for attaining lifelong fitness and wellness. To demonstrate and understand the basic nutrition principles, weight control, injury prevention and stress management COURSE MATERIALS: Text: Hoeger & Hoeger. Fitness and Wellness. 8th or 9th Edition. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-495-38840-1 eBook and rentals also available at: or other sources Weekly Guide: Available on eCampus or handed out at assessment. STOP BEFORE YOU DROP: For students who enrolled in college level courses for the first time Fall 2007. TEA Code 51.907 limits the number of courses a student may drop. You may drop no more than 6 courses during your entire undergraduate career unless the drop qualifies as an exception. The counseling/advising center will give you more information on allowable exceptions. Remember that once you have accumulated 6 no-exempt drops, you cannot drop any other courses with a “W”. Therefore, please exercise caution when dropping courses in any Texas public institution of higher learning, including all seven DCCCD colleges. For more information, you may access: Writing Expectations: This is an activity class, written tests and reports will follow the format on the handouts. Financial Aid Students: If you are receiving Financial Aid grants or loans, you must begin attendance in all classes. Do not drop or stop attending any class without consulting the FA office. Changes in your enrollment level and failing grades may require that you repay financial aid funds. Failure to contact the instructor will result in your name being submitted to the FA office as a “non-attendee.” All students receiving financial aid must open an Email account through NetMail. See directions in this syllabus for opening an Email account. Plagiarism: Copying others’ written material will not be accepted, such behavior will result in a failing grade. Academic Honesty: The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to provide guidelines for the education environment of the DCCCD. Such an environment presupposes both rights and responsibilities. Disciplinary regulations at the college are set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of prohibited conduct. Students should be aware of disciplinary actions for all forms of academic dishonesty, including cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and collusion. Violation may result in a failing grade and school disciplinary actions. Yourcollege Catalog and the DCCCD Catalog contain the entire Student Code of Conduct, which is also on the Internet Emergency/Inclement Weather Procedure: In case of emergency or inclement weather conditions, Eastfield students should listen to KEOM-FM Radio Station 88.5 as the primary media source. In partnership with the MISD, Eastfield College Administration will notify KEOM immediately after a decision is made to cancel classes on any given day of inclement weather or for emergency purposes. Students may also monitor other local radio and TV stations. The earliest an announcement may be broadcast on KEOM Radio is 6 a.m. Student may also refer to the EFC web page for the Inclement Weather announcement under the Features area of the front page. The announcement will be posted immediately following the decision to close the college. STUDENT EMAIL: Legal privacy issues prevent your instructor from discussing your work or your grades on commercial e-mail accounts. If you wish to send your papers as attachments to an e-mail (and the instructor permits it), or if you have a question about your grade, you must open a student e-mail account. The account is free. You may set it up by going to and click on Student Services, Online Services, and Student NetMail. All students receiving financial aid must open a student NetMail account. BE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS

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