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UCLA EEBIOL 165 - Syllabus

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UCLA EEB 165 – MARINE BIOLOGY QUARTER ECOLOGICAL PHYS IOLOGY OF MARINE VERTEBRATES COURS E OUTLINE – FALL QUARTER 2010 Professor: Malcolm S. Gordon TA: Mike Esgro Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] LECTURES AND READING AS S IGNMENTS Thursday, 9/23 and Friday, 9/24 will be devoted to organizational and logistical matters, including selecting lab teams and discussing lab projects. The class schedule was distributed to everyone by email. All formal lectures will be given during the first three full weeks of the course (weeks of 9/27, 10/4, and 10/11). There will be a total of fifteen (15) 60-minute lectures, all presented in LS 1113. The first will start 1:30 PM, Wednesday, 9/29; the second 11:00 AM, Thursday, 9/30; the third 1:30 PM, 9/30; then two at the same times Friday, 10/1. Morning lectures will start 11:00 AM, afternoon lectures 1:30 PM. Second and third week schedules will be the same. There will be an about 1-hour long refresher lecture on relevant statistical concepts and procedures for lab projects, TBA. Lectures and reading assignments will provide the basic physiological information needed to permit carrying out course laboratory projects. Lectures will cover the major topic areas relating to adaptations of marine animals (primarily vertebrates) to four (4) sets of important physical-chemical (abiotic) variables: salinity, temperature, dissolved gases (especially oxygen), and light. Chapters in the textbook (Willmer, Stone, and Johnston, Environmental Physiology of Animals, 2nd edition) that should be read are: 11, 12, 13, 14 (background chapters are 5, 7, 8). For students who have not had any previous course work relating to physiology reading Chapter 1 is recommended. EXAMIN ATION There will be a 2 hour-long final examination on lecture and reading materials on Wednesday, 10/20, starting 1:00 PM. This will take place at BML, room TBA. LABORATORY PROJECTS Five (5) teams of 3 members each and two (2) teams of 2 members each will carry out seven (7) different lab research projects. Preferred projects will relate to one or more of the four (4) course topic areas listed above. It may be possible to develop one or more projects that can serve for two courses (EEB 164, 165). Each team will be responsible for developing a research topic and experimentally testing a hypothesis using both field and laboratory studies. Discussion of possible projects will begin Thursday, 9/23 (part of orientation discussion). Written preliminary proposals will be due Wednesday, 9/29, at afternoon lecture. Final written proposals will be due Wednesday, 10/6, at afternoon lecture (both electronic and hard copies needed).Results will be presented in an oral symposium to be held in the classroom at UCLA during finals week (details TBA). Final written papers (hard copies) will be due on or before Friday, 12/10, before 5:00 PM (the end of Finals Week). GRADING Lecture examination 300 points Discussions 100 points (participation and presentation) Project 600 points (250 oral, 350 written) Total 1000

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