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NMT EE 491 - Homework Assignment 4

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Homework Assignment 4Circuit schematics in multisimDue February 16, 2011For this assignment we are divided into t eams as followsTeamMembersSoftware/CPU Marohn, MasonHardware Yelton, Ravindran, LandavazoPCB layoutGuillette, Huynh, MasonComponents/purchasing Quiroga, JorgensenI am setting the due date for this homework as Wednesday February 16. However I maychange the due date after receiving updates on February 14. On Monday February 14 I wanta one-paragraph e-mail from each student. Describe what you did, the progress of your team,and how much work still remains to complete the assignment.1. Software/CPU: Demonstrate programming the CPU with a program that can exer-cise ADC and DAC and verify. Produce pseudo-code outline of CPU software. Mea-sure/estimate power consumption of CPU subsystem.2. Hardware: Decide on high-voltage range (±16 or ±18?). Demonstrate functional testsof CMS, VVS, and Power:1) Show that CMS outputs theoretically expected voltage versus current in the fewnA to 100µA range (large resistor plus function generator?). Measure/estimate powerconsumption of components and CMS subsystem.2) Show that Power produces expected voltage levels: 3.3 V, 5 V, ± high-V. Showthat the voltage levels are maintained under a load similar to what is expected. Showthat power can be turned off (coordinate with CPU and PCB teams to have CPUcontrol incorporated). Measure/estimate power consumption of components and Powersubsystem.3) Show that VVS produces expected bias voltage range as a function of 0- 3 V input.Measure/estimate power consumption of components and VVS subsystem.3. PCB layout: Create a complete PCB layout. The PCB layout should be in a state readyfor manufacturing at (check their requirements). Gather informationfrom CPU, CMS, VVS, and Power schematic authors, then take ownership. For someparts such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors you will need to decide on appropriatesurface mount components (these can be changed in the final design if necessary). Easilyobtainable parts a re preferred for these. The dimensions of the PCB should be 46 x46 mm with 3 x 3 mm cut out of each corner, 4-layer, two-sided. Assume total heightavailable to be 8.5 mm (that includes thickness of PCB and height of components oneach side). For connectors to probe and guard not yet specified, leave board space andplace pads for later modification.4. Components/purchasing: Catalog existing parts and required parts. Much of this in-formation will need to be gathered from subsystem experts and PCB layout team. In1each list below indicate in which subsystem the parts are required in, and in whatquantity.1) Complete catalog of parts received to date. Including exact part numbers and quan-tities.2) Complete list of parts required for the instrument. Including exact part numbersand quantities.3) A differential list of parts that still need to be

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