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UF AMH 3423 - Fl History obit assignment

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Obituary Assignment- AMH 3423-Spring 2007This assignment is due Friday April 6th & listed in your syllabus as “Biography Assignment”You are to write a one to two page single space obituary for the famous Floridian you have selected from the list below. Think of yourself as a newspaper writer, crafting this obituary for the general public. Please focus on the person’s accomplishments, paying special attention to their relationship to Florida. Spend minimal attention on the personal details of the person’s life (for example, you may mention spouse and children but the bulk of your obit should not be consumed with this type of material). Newspapers are a good source for providing a template for your obituary. You must use at least one source from the PK Yonge Library of Florida History. That source must be listed at the bottom of your work. Also, you MUST sign the special sign-in sheet at the PK that is specifically for our class (in addition to signing their voluminousforms- Sorry!) You also may use Florida newspapers, which are to be found in microfilmform in Library West. Once again, please place the citation for that newspaper (name of paper, article name, and date of publication) at the bottom of your last page. Finally, you may use Internet sources, but they must be listed with the complete URL at the bottom of your work. Allen, Ross González, ElianAndersen, Martin Gorrie, JohnBaker, Maxine Griffin, Ben Hill Jr.Bethune, Mary McLeod Hart, HubbardBoone, Pat Hawkins, PaulaBowlegs, Billy (III) Hawkins, VirgilBradley, Guy Hayes, BobBryant, Anita Heade, Martin JohnsonBuffet, Jimmy Hurston, Zora NealeBundy, Ted Jennings, Mae MannCapron, Louis Johns, CharleyCarr, Marjorie Johnson, James WeldonCatts, Sidney Jumper, Betty MaeCharles, Ray Kennedy, StetsonChipley, William Lanier, SidneyCollins, LeRoy Lewey, Matthew MCrews, Harry Lopez, AlDickinson, J.J MacDonald, John D.Douglas, Marjorie Stoneman Martí, JoséDuPont, Jesse Ball Martin, JohnFairbanks, George Rainsford Martinez, BobFisher, Carl Mizner, AddisonFlagler, Henry Moore, Harry T.Fletcher, Duncan Moore-Wilson, Minnie O’Connell, Stephen C Simpson, Charles TorreyParker, Idella Smathers, GeorgePepper, Claude Smith, James CalvertPetty, Tom Stowe, Harriet BeecherPlant, Henry Sunshine, SylviaRandoph, A. Philip Tiffany, Louis ComfortRawlings, Marjorie Kinnan Tuttle, JuliaReed, Harrison Varela, Father FelixReno, Janet Vogt, AlbertusRickenbacker, Eddie Walls, Josiah T.Ringling, John White, Eartha M.M.Rogers, Gamble Wright, Frank LloydSanford, Henry Ybor, Vincente

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