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BROOKDALE MUSI 115 - Music Appreciation

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Slide 1My home page is under construction!How to contact me….How to contact me, part 2…Additional help…..Your e-mail addressWhat you will receive in e-mail from me…Your text…My “” playlistsDisclaimer.Your final grade…Your final grade, part 1...Attendance and The Binder…Class participation “Do”s…Class participation “Do NOT”s...Your final grade, part 2…Your final grade, part 3…Special tickets at special prices…Your final grade, part 4More information on the tests…This course is…We will listen and study….This course does not….Favorite links…..Our class time together….Notes….Your time between classes…Help!Safety first…Music AppreciationMUSI 115Assistant Professor Keith HeimannMy home page is under construction!Search + “keith” “keith heimann”Add to your favorites for the semester.How to contact me….My office: PAC 117My office phone: 732 224-2603My e-mail: [email protected] to contact me, part 2…My office hoursTuesday4:30-5:30PMWednesday9-11AMFriday9-11AMIf my office hours do not work with your schedule, please let me know immediately and we will find a better time!Additional help…..Learning Assistant – Mike ConklinLibrarian – Shay DelcurlaYour e-mail addressYou have a unique e-mail address which I will use to contact you. For Example:John Doe = [email protected]Jane Doe = [email protected] your e-mail address with me before leaving today!What you will receive in e-mail from me…Notices for upcoming events;Important announcements;Fun, unusual, interesting stuff!Your text…A-Z of Classical Music2-CD set 562 page booklet: “The Great Composers and Their Greatest Works” NaxosISBN: 8.555319-20 Available at the Brookdale book store and on line.My “” playlistsOr, more specifically:Look for “Music Appreciation MUSI 115”;Add to your favorites.Listen and watch selections weekly. Selections will be included on the tests.Disclaimer.I am not responsible for vulgar, crude, childish comments that sometimes appear with the clips I have in my playlists.You do not need to scroll down and read any comments.Sound and video quality can vary wildly!Your final grade…Your final grade, part 1...Attendance/Class Participation*25% of your final grade15 three-hour classes (except Thursday, November 26, 2009) – or….30 ninety-minute classesMore class room etiquette rules to follow…….Attendance and The Binder…Sign in every week by your name.Find your tab and place all assignments behind it.Your responsibility!Class participation “Do”s…Do…Observe start and stop times;Turn OFF all electronics*;Bring water (closed bottle) only;Take extensive notes*;Ask many questions!Class participation “Do NOT”s...Do notUse your cell phone or text message;Three strikes!Talk during music and/or lectures;Bring any food or beverage other than closed bottle water into this or any other “Smart Classroom.”(Use Wikipedia!)Your final grade, part 2…Ten weekly listening assignments25% of your final grade;#1 is due next week, Thursday, September 17, 2009;The rest are due by, Thursday, November 19, 2009; An excellent example can be found here.Your final grade, part 3…Concert attendance & review• 25% of your final grade • Due by Thursday, December 17, 2009 (Class #14)Special tickets at special prices…Information on ticket “deals” can be found here.New Jersey Symphony Orchestra“Class Pass”New!R $25 STAR-LEDGER Class Pass UnlimitedYour final grade, part 4The average score on FOUR tests•25% of your final grade•Dates•Test #1: Thursday, October 1, 2009 (week 4)•Test #2: Thursday, October 29, 2009 (week 8)•Test #3: Thursday, November 19, 2009 (week 11)•Test #4: Final exam: Monday, December 21, 2009 (week 15)More information on the tests…The three tests will ….be fully covered by an in-class review the week before;include three essay questions; include selections from our listening; cumulative listening;  non-cumulative written.This course is…A history of “classical” musicvs. “Classical”Circa October 31, 1517 – October 10, 1935Challenging and fun!We will listen and study….Major musical compositions from the following eras: Medieval & Renaissance Baroque (1650-1750) Classical (1750-1800) Romantic (1800-1900)and “20th Century” (1900-present)This course does not….require that the student can read music;require that the student has any previous experience with “classical” music;include jazz, Broadway , Rock or country music;Favorite links…..Here are a few links that I use often.NOTE: I am not responsible for any content found on or linked to/from these or any other links I might suggest. Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss.Our class time together….will be primarily spent listening to the music in your text and on my account;Extensive classroom lectures and demonstrations.Notes….I don’t have any!Therefore: take extensive notes!Your time between classes…Reading the assigned pages;Listening to the assigned selections;Watching and listening to the selections.Help!If (and when) you need help, ask! I am here to help! My door is always open!Ask for the “good news” now!Safety first…This campus and building;Emergency phones;BCC

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