World War I

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World War I Causes- It involved intense rivalry over trade, empire and military strength. - There was a rise of nationalism fanned by a popular press. European rivalry over trade, colonies and spheres of influence in Africa and Asia. - Wilson’s Diplomacy-United States should promote diplomacy- He saw a world purged of imperialism, a world of free trade, but a world where American ideas and products would find their way. Latin American Policy- He denounced “big stick” and “dollar diplomacy” but used more force than Roosevelt and Taft combined in Latin America.- Dominican Republic in 1915 had a civil war. US offered to take over the country’sfinances and police force. Dominican leaders rejected, Wilson ordered the marines. They took control of the government in May 1916. The U.S. built roads, schools and hospitals but the Dominicans resented their presence.- US-Nicaragua… Kept the marines that Taft had send in 1912 to prop up pro-American regime and acquire the right, through treaty, to intervene at any time to preserve order and protect American property. Up to 1933.- Mexico-By 1910 more than 40,000 American citizens lived in Mexico, and more than $1 billion of American money was invested there. In 1911, Francisco Madero, a reformer who wanted to destroy upper class privilege, overthrew dictator Porfirio Diaz. Two years later, Madero was deposed and murdered by order of Victoriano Huerta, the head of the army. Wilson refused to recognize theHuerta govt. But the business community wanted him to recognize him. On the other hand, Wilson set out to remove what he called a “government of butchers” At first U.S. applied diplomatic pressure…. Wilson used a minor incident as an excuse to involve American troops. Few Mexicans liked huerta, but did not like the idea of North American interference. Landed troops in Vera Cruz. Angry Mexican mobs destroyed American property…Drove out Huerta out of office, but a civil war between Venustiano Carranza and those by Pancho Villa. Carranza defeated Villa-who let a raid in New Mexico…Wilson send an expedition by Brigadier General John Pershing to track down Villa and his men.WWI Alliances- Roots of WWI…In 1864 while Americans fought the Civil War; The German kingdom of Prussia launched the fist series of wars-Germany into one nation. By 1871 Prussian had united Germany. Industrialized quickly becoming one of the most powerful nations I the world. Transformed politics. Prussians forced France to give up territory along the German border. From that point forward, France and German were enemies. - To protect itself. German signed alliances with Italy and Austria-Hungary (southeaster Eruope) Triple Alliance. Alarmed Russian leaders. Competing for influence in southeaster Europe. Slavs-the same ethnic group as the Russians—and the Russians wanted to support them as Austria-Hungry. Russia and France had a common interest. 1894 Franco-Russian

World War I

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