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PCC AST 105IN - Test Two Preview

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Test Two PreviewAST 105 Life in the UniverseRefer to the start of the Preview Sheet for Test 1 for general study advice.This test material starts with (blue Course Outline) Unit VII, “The Cosmic Perspective.”This Unitcomprises Sections A, Cosmic Perspective—Space, and B, Cosmic Perspective—Time. The testgoes on to cover all Units up to Unit XI, “The Lives and Importance of Stars.”Unit VII, Section A, is entirely descriptive. You are only working at the memorization level here.You may be queried on any of the material in this section, tho note particularly the size anddistance values of the planets given in basic data. These are the numbers that most quantify yourgeneral scalar visualization of the Solar System.Following description of the Solar System, we then deal with space and distances here, and expandour vision to encompass our observable universe. Note the hierarchical structure of the universe, soknow the relevant terms. Remember Powers of Ten from the Web? Watch it again, if you wish, byclicking here.GalaxiesBe familiar with the size and shape of our Milky Way Galaxy.Know the names of the galaxy types; be able to describe them. Be able to say which is/are mostconducive to life.Section B, more cosmic perspective, deals with time here. Here you’re given some historicbackground (Who was Bishop Ussher; what did he do?). Understand the examples given for determining relevant and absolute age dating. Be prepared todetermine the age of a rock on the test using radiometric age dating. What were those twoastrophysical determinations of the age of the solar system that conform with the results ofradiometric age determinations?Unit VIII: The Universe—nature and originThis unit is presented in detail in your blue course outline. There are two very importantunderstandings involved regarding the Big Bang theory.• The Big Bang is one of the greatest theoretical insights of science. Whenunderstanding theories, it is imperative to be familiar with their evidential basis. Sonote well the several lines of evidence that point toward this theory.• The theory was presented as a process, so know the various stages in the processfrom the start to the widespread development of galaxies.Unit IX: Star BasicsBe familiar with the chemical composition of stars and their ranges in mass and size.Temperature is described as a key property. Use the blue course outline to help you realizehow it relates to other properties of stars.Memorize the spectral classification sequence from O to T.What star properties affect their spectra?Double stars - know the following terms• physical vs. optical• visual binaries• spectroscopic binaries• the Doppler effect---Be ready to calculate the radial velocity of a star, given theequation for doing it.• astrometric binariesAnd what benefits to astronomical understanding do double stars offer?Do you understand how star mass determines the star luminosity?Regarding Stellar Populations, just know the relation between chemical composition andage.Unit X: Star & Planet FormationFocus on the terms: nuclear fusion, nucleosynthesis.In the Pre-main sequence phase, know the sequence of steps of the origin of stars andplanets we covered in class. What is the condensation sequence? See how today’s solarsystem is directly connected to its origin.Unit XI: Stellar Evolution: The lives and importance of starsWhat do all stars do while in the main sequence phase? How does E = mc apply?2What do stars do following the main sequence stage? Why aren’t we interested in the most massive of stars (types O, B, A) from the perspectiveof life in the universe?Of course, know the three astrobiological impacts of stars and the role of galaxy type.Regarding the textbook, my hint is the same for all tests. Any homework question and problem isfair game to ask on the test. Revis e d Jan

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