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SPANSPANSPANSPANISHISHISHISH ::::321321321321 HHHHISPANIC ART ISPANIC ART ISPANIC ART ISPANIC ART DR. BUEDELDR. BUEDELDR. BUEDELDR. BUEDEL Sorolla, Joaquin. Hall of the Ambassadors, Alhambra, Granada. 1909. Painting. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. ARTstor. Web. 8 Aug. 2011. FALL FALL FALL FALL 20112011201120112 FINDING IMAGESFINDING IMAGESFINDING IMAGESFINDING IMAGES 1. database “The ARTstor Digital Library is a nonprofit resource that provides more than one million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences with accessible suite of software tools for teaching and research.” To Search ARTstor  Click on “ARTstor Digital Library – ENTER HERE”  “Log in or Register for more features” OR use as a guest  There are two searching options: o “Keyword” using keywords and the collection dropdown menu o Click on “Advanced Search” and enter more specific search terms  You can also Browse by collection, geography, or classification Viewing Search Results  Click on the written information below an image to get data o Information (title/collection/date/subject/source) o Image Properties (height/width/format/url) Be sure to allow pop-ups from ARTstor!3  Double click on an image – a new window will open for the image o To compare two images side by side, double click another image, then in the ARTstor navigation bar click “Display options > Bring image windows to front” o Use the zoom functions to get a closer look at details of the images o “Download” by clicking on the disk icon or “Print” by choosing the print icon 2. Alternate option for finding images  Scan images from print sources like specialized encyclopedias and save the files as JPEGs or GIFs o Library has three scanners  One in library classroom and two on first floor 3. Citing Images  All images need to be cited, even those coming from an educational resource like ARTstor. o In a presentation, include the citation just below the image. o Example image MLA citation from a database: Botero, Fernando. The Presidential Family. 1967. Painting. Museum of Mod. Art, New York. Image ID Number 80711. ARTstor. Web. 27 Oct. 2009.4 FINDING ADDITIONAL FINDING ADDITIONAL FINDING ADDITIONAL FINDING ADDITIONAL SOURCESSOURCESSOURCESSOURCES 1. Reference Collection Sources  Find them using the Reference Portal and the Reference Universe database  Reference Universe searches specialized encyclopedias and gives you titles and call numbers  “View Index Entries” to see relevant index entries and page numbers Some helpful sources: Encyclopedia of World Art (15 vols.) Ref. N31 .E533 (Grove’s) Dictionary of Art (34 vols.) Ref. N31 .D5 1996 Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (6 vols.) Ref F1406 .E53 19965 2. Biography in Context database  Searches Gale reference sources such as Contemporary Hispanic Biography, Dictionary of Hispanic Biography, and Notable Hispanic American Women  Includes reference sources, images, news items, magazine articles, academic journals, and audio (when available)  Full-text biographical information is often followed by a list of further readings6 3. Academic Search Elite database – People Index 1. In the Academic Search Elite database, hover over the “More” tab and then select “Indexes” 2. In “Browse an Index” choose “People” and enter the name (last name first) 3. Select the appropriate names and click “Add” 4. The names are added to the search box; now click “Search”7 5. Use the options on the left to refine your search as needed PDF Full Text –Adobe document that includes images, charts, graphs, etc. HTML Full Text – no images included No “Full Text” link? Click the “Check for Lycoming Access” link. ~ If we have it in online elsewhere, you’ll get a link to that database. ~ If it’s available in print, you’ll get the link to Periodicals A-to-Z. ~ If we don’t have it, you’ll get a link to “Request this item.” - Use your Lycoming login username and password. - Can take 2 days to 2 weeks, so plan accordingly!8 4. Art Abstracts database  Indexing and abstracts for more than 450 international art publications, including periodicals, yearbooks, and museum bulletins The Art Abstracts database does not contain the full text. Follow the “Check for Lycoming Access” links to find the full text or to request the item through interlibrary loan. Can limit to Spanish language sources9 5. JSTOR database  Use JSTOR to find full-text scholarly articles in all disciplines  Can limit to Spanish language sources o Search separately for English language and for Spanish language sources – cannot search for both simultaneously  Limit “Item Type” to “Article”  Click the PDF link for the full text, or click the article title to see the first page and full information10 6. General Collection Books  Use the Online Catalog to find books in Snowden Library  Use Subject links to find related results  Some Spanish language sources available  Note the call number AND the book’s availability  Call numbers beginning A-H are on 3rd floor; J-Z are on 4th floor11  Use the WorldCat database to search for books from around the world  Can limit to Spanish language sources o Search separately for English language and for Spanish language sources – cannot search for both simultaneously  If Snowden Library owns the book, you’ll see a green logo for “Lycoming Col” – Check the online catalog for the call number  If Snowden Library does not own the book, click on the title o You’ll see a link to “Request this item” o Books can take 3-14 days to arrive, so request early!12  Use the E-ZBorrow database to borrow books from college and university libraries in Pennsylvania  Login in with your student ID number  Click on the book title for more information and to request it  Books take an average of 3-5 days to arrive Select Snowden Library as your Pickup Location, then click the “Request from E-ZBorrow”

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