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UMD ECON 340 - Syllabus

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Final exam (Wed. Aug 22nd): 35%Econ 340 International Economics Summer 2007 Syllabus Section 0201, M/W 6:30-9:50 Room: TYD 2102 Instructor: Sebastian Miller E-mail: [email protected] Course webpage: Office: Tydings Hall Rm. 4118B Office Hours: By appointment. Required Textbook: Robert J. Carbaugh, International Economics: 11th Edition, South-Western Thomson Learning. Recommended: Robert J. Carbaugh, International Economics: 11th Edition Study Guide, South-Western Thomson Learning. Course Announcements Announcements will be sent by e-mail and will be posted in the course webpage. Please visit the page regularly, Course Objectives: The Objectives of this course are: (i) To help students gain greater experience in understanding and applying economic concepts. (ii) To improve their analytical skills and ability to articulate ideas in writing. (iii) To gain an understanding of international trade and financial issues as well as the impact of globalization. Course Content: The course will examine the following subjects: (i) the causes for international trade in goods and services; (ii) the causes for international capital flows; (iii) barriers to international trade; (iv) international trade organizations; (v) components of the balance of payments; (vi) the determination of exchange rates, and various exchange rate regimes. It will also examine some of the issues connected with the economic effects of globalization. Classes will be conducted primarily in a lecture format with substantial time for questions and discussion.*Important remarks Students may not receive academic credit for both ECON340 and ECON441. Any student with a learning disability who requires special exam procedures should get in touch with me as soon as possible. Grading Policy: Scores on one mid-term, one final exam and five short country memos will determine students’ grades for the course. Final grades will be determined as follows: Memos (5, due each Monday): 30% Mid-term exam (Wed. Aug. 1st): 35% Final exam (Wed. Aug 22nd): 35% Make-up exams are possible only under valid University excuses. Arrangements in written should be made prior to the exam. Honor Code: Students are expected to understand and to adhere to the honor code of The University of Maryland. Course Outline: Topic Chapter in textbook Introduction The International Economy 1 Foundations of Modern Trade Theory, 2 Comparative Advantages 3 Tariffs 4 Non-tariff Trade Barriers 5 Trade Regulations, Trade Policies for Developing Nations 6, 7 Regional Trading arrangements, 8 *International Factor Movements and Multinational Firms 9 Balance of Payments 10 Foreign Exchange, 11 Exchange-Rate Determination 12 Balance of Payments Adjustments 13 Exchange-Rate Adjustments and BOP 14 Exchange Rate Systems 15 Macroeconomic Policy in an Open Economy, Review 16 *International Banking: Reserves, Debt and Risk 17 * If time

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