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EGR 312 - TERM PROJECTConstruction of Football StadiumEGR 312 - TERM PROJECTConstruction of Football Stadium- Purpose of Project: To provide you with a personal experience in the team investigation of a project management problem. The "project" is the constructionof a new football stadium on the campus of Mercer University. You will have to develop timing charts, cost estimates, and expedited schedules. You will be required to respond to several situational problems that might arise during the project. - The Project Team: A project team will be composed of three to four persons, although class size may determine some modifications (you will need to supply me with Team Info by November 6, 2012). I will team up those with no partners. The final product of the project team should reflect a team effort. The team together develops the appropriate timing schedules and cost estimates, and develops responses to the situational problems. Everyone in the team will receive the same grade, unless the group decides differently. - The Project Problem: Mercer University has tendered a request for bid on the construction of a football stadium. Each team will receive a copy of the bid spec.It is your (and the team's) responsibility to develop the following for the construction project: o Executive Summary - the project report should include a one-page executive summary describing the project you are addressing, the overalltiming, the overall cost, and the timing and cost of an expedited project. o Timing charts - although each team may have various experience in building construction and deconstruction, the timing charts should be realistic. The charts should include a clear/concise description of each task, task durations, task earliest start times, task precedence, and task latest finish times. o Cost / Budget Estimates - do your best to make educated guesses on thecost of each task. Assume your company has built stadiums in the past. Also note the size of the mercer stadium is not the same as that of a major football powerhouse. o Expedited Timing / Costs - develop a timing chart that reduces your overall time by 20%. Include new cost values for this new expedited project. Include notes justifying how you will be able to accomplish the new timing and why the cost may be impacted. o Situational Responses - although not part of a typical project plan, each team is asked to respond to several situations that might arise during the course of a project. Prepare one-to-three paragraph responses to the Situational Questions handout.EGR312 – Term Project November 8, 2011- Project Grading and Due Dates: You will be turning in a project report, and youwill also be making a 10 minute presentation (on December 4th). Weights will beas follows: o (80%) Project report  (10%) Content-- writing style, grammar, spelling  (10%) Organization--presentation, appearance  (10%) Accuracy--realistic costs and timing  (45%) Project Content 1. Executive summary 2. Timing charts, duration, precedence 3. Budget estimates 4. Expedited project with justification  (25%) Responses to situational problems o (20%) A 10 minute presentation. See presentation guidelines. The whole team will present. I will be looking at how well the teams defend their work. See Evaluation form. Generally, everyone in the group gets the same grade. The teams will briefly present their summary, timing charts and budget using PowerPoint. They will then be asked to respond to two or three of the situational questions (i.e. make slide responses to all the situational questions). - More on the Final Report: This should be your best effort and be of top quality in appearance, organization, and content. You can follow the following outline foryour report. Project title page (group members, group number, group leader, project contact, date)Executive Summary (one page - summary of overall timing and costs, and summary of expedited project costs and timing) --> written for your 'boss"I. Timing Charts o Clear and concise task descriptions, including task duration and resourcerequirements (Excel format?) o Gantt charts indicating duration and precedence.EGR312 – Term Project November 8, 2011II. Cost Estimates o Cost summary o Cost estimates by task III. Expedited Project o Gantt charts o Cost summary o Cost by task o Notes indicating how timing can be condensed, and justification for new cost IV. Situational Responseso One to three paragraph responses describing how you would respond to various situations. Put yourself "in the shoes" of the project manager and discuss how best to respond to these various situations and why you chose a particular response. Appendices (optional) Reports should be prepared using word processing software and secured in a binder that can stand some abuse. Charts, graphs, and drawings should follow good engineering practice. Use headings to divide and organize report. One final point--the earlier you get started the better the results.EGR312 – Term Project November 8, 2011Term Project Situational QuestionsEGR 312Background: During a typical project, no matter how detailed the planning, many unexpected situations may arise. These situations are a project managers greatest opportunity to demonstrate their decision making and leadership abilities. Some situations are good, such as completing a task early and under budget. But more often,the situations are problems that need quick and immediate resolution. Examples include natural disasters, lack of supplies, changes in requirements, poor performance of employees, etc. This section of the term project will present several situations that might have arisen during the Stadium Drive deconstruction project. Deliverable: You are to put yourself "in the shoes" of the project manager and discuss how you would respond/react to each of the situations. You may choose to have a firm response to some situations, while in other situations you may have multiple responsesdepending upon feedback from other "players" involved in the situation. Limit your responses to one to three paragraphs per question. 1. Assume you had decided on contracting the electrical work. After several weeks from when the electrical crew first started installing circuits, you realize they are starting to get behind schedule. What do you do? 2. Part way through the build, the selected supplier of the large score board says he grossly underestimated the cost and would like to increase his price by 20%.

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