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1 Revised 5/2011 NOVA COLLEGE-WIDE COURSE CONTENT SUMMARY ESL 73 – ACCENT REDUCTION (3 CR.) Course Description Provides contextualized practice at the high intermediate/ advanced level to improve the speech intelligibility of non-native speakers of English. Focuses on problems of American English sound/spelling patterns, word endings, syllables, stress, rhythm and intonation common to speakers of different language backgrounds. May include individualized practice in consonant and vowel production. Credits are not applicable toward graduation. Lecture 3 hours per week. General Course Purpose To help non-native speakers of English be more readily understood by native speakers and to help them better understand native speakers of English in professional and academic settings. This course will help make non-native English speech more intelligible; however, it will not totally eliminate “foreign accents”. Course Prerequisites/Co-requisites Prerequisite: An English placement test recommendation for ESL Level 3 or higher or successful completion of ESL 20 and ESL 24. Course Objectives Goal 1 - Students will be able to produce sentences with native like rhythm and pausing. Objectives Students will be able to produce a sentence with: A. correct stress at the word level B. a stressed syllable that is higher in pitch, louder, has a longer vowel, and a full vowel C. native-like unstressed syllables with a reduced vowel D. appropriate sentence stress E. pauses at appropriate sentence stress Goal 2 - Students will be able to use intonation patters appropriately. Objectives In a sentence, students will be able to: A. use grammatical intonation patterns appropriately B. use some non-neutral emotional patterns appropriately Goal 3 - Students will be able to produce native-like phonemes and allophones of English with the context of a word or phrase. Objectives Students will be able to: A. produce phonemes close to native pronunciation in isolation B. modify phoneme according to preceding and following sounds2 Goal 4 - Student will be able to understand native speaking or singing at a normal rate. Objectives Student will recognize: A. pronunciation changes in unstressed syllables B. stress changes in

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