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Central Arizona College HEO 127, Heavy Equipment Reconditioning Page 1 of 2 Central Arizona College 8470 N. Overfield Road Coolidge, AZ 85128 Phone: (520) 494-5444 HEO 127 Heavy Equipment Reconditioning : N/A Prerequisites: Valid driver license Co requisites: None Catalog Description: Fundamentals of heavy equipment reconditioning procedures. Credit Hours: 4 Effective Term: Fall Effective Year: 2012 Modalities: Face to Face Teaching Methods: Lab Lecture Credit Breakdown: 2 Lectures, 6 Labs Times for Credit: 1 Grading Option: A/F Cross Listed: None Learning Outcomes: 1. (Knowledge Level) List, locate, and explain safety rules to follow during the maintenance of heavy equipment. 2. (Application Level) Apply tool safety rules and safe operating practices using safety equipment important to mechanics in the repair and reconditioning of heavy equipment. 3. (Application Level) Employ safe lifting and blocking techniques during repair of heavy equipment, including cross-blocking a piece of heavy equipment, and list ten safety rules for repairing tires and demonstrate the removal, repair and replacement of one tire on a piece of heavy equipment. 4. (Application Level) List pre-start inspection steps for heavy equipment and perform pre-start inspections on five machines, including listing the correct jump start procedures for 12V and 24V electrical systems; identifying the correct voltage of different pieces of heavy equipment; and demonstrating correct jump starting of a 12V and a 24V piece of equipment. 5. (Application Level) List a general post-start inspection for heavy equipment and perform post-operative inspections on five different pieces of heavy equipment. 6. (Evaluation Level) Diagnose malfunctions of at least three systems in various pieces of heavy equipment then correctlyCentral Arizona College HEO 127, Heavy Equipment Reconditioning Page 2 of 2 repair steering, hydraulic, and brake component systems on heavy equipment, including 1) listing and explaining three types of braking systems on heavy equipment and identifying the type of braking system on various pieces of heavy equipment; 2) explaining the interaction of pressure, volume and horsepower in a hydraulic system; 3) explaining a Jake Brake retarder used on a highway truck; and 4) explaining an exhaust system retarder used on a highway truck. 7. (Synthesis Level) Explain operation of two types of retarders. Internal/External Standards/ Accreditation: OSHA: Variety of Heavy Equipment Operator's Manuals GEO: Communication Individual and Social Responsibility Informational/Technological Literacy Mathematical/Scientific Inquiry and Analysis AGEC: None Revised:

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