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SPC COSC 1415 - Fundamentals of Programming

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COSC1415 Syllabus South Plains College - Spring 2012 Time: section 001: 1:00-3:30 MW Course Title: Fundamentals of Programming I Course Purpose: This course is the first course in procedural programming and software engineering for computer science and engineering majors. The language used is C++. Emphasis is on the fundamentals of structured design, development, testing, implementation, and documentation. Instructor: Charlotte Young 125B Math Building Phone: 806-716-2666 (voice mail capable) email: [email protected] Office Hours: Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri 9:45-11:15 2:15-3:15 9:45-11:15 2:15-3:15 9:00-12:00 Required Textbook: Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, 7th Edition, Tony Gaddis, Judy Walters, Godfrey Muganda. Addison-Wesley, 2011. ISBN 978-0-13-607774-9. Required Supplies: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition is installed on our lab computers. You may install this software on a home computer for no charge. Be sure to register (for free) so it doesn't expire in 30 days. Download from: OR see the lab manager for details on how to check out the software. You will need a USB flash drive to store your projects. You must bring this drive to class every day. It is recommended that you back up your files on this drive to a home computer or other media. You can purchase a USB drive less than $20. You should look for the highest capacity within your budget, aiming for at least 8GB. You will be able to use this drive for future classes as well. We will use Turingscraft CodeLab online software for lab assignments. Access to this web site must be purchased for $25: Attendance Policy: Attendance and effort are the most important activities for success in this course. If you are absent, you are still responsible for the assignment for the next class; you are expected to access Blackboard for current assignments and test dates. Please read the "Class Attendance" on page 20 and "Drops and Withdrawals" policies on page 22 in the current catalog. I will NOT administratively drop you if you quit attending class. You will receive an "F". You are responsible for initiating your own drop if you want a W for a grade. However, if you have more than 4 absences, you must ask my permission to be reinstated in the class. The last day to drop is April 24, 2012. Academic Conduct: You may discuss the lab and programming assignments with your classmates, but you must code, debug, and execute the projects on your own. Copying of another student's work or allowing your work to be copied is considered plagiarism and a failing grade for that assignment will be given to all parties involved. Cell phones MUST be turned off during class and testing periods.Assignment Policy: Current assignments and due dates will be published on Blackboard. Students are expected to read the current chapter before coming to class. Short quizzes may be announced or unannounced. No makeup quizzes will be given - an absence equals a zero quiz grade! During the scheduled lab, there will be lab exercises to complete and programming problems to start. (Programming problems will be finished on your own time). All assignments will be given a Due Date which will be published on Blackboard. Lab exercises must be completed by the due date, no late assignments will be accepted. Programming problems will be accepted up to one week late, but late points will be subtracted after the actual due date. Students are expected to stay for the full lab time. An individual who does not use allotted class time or lab time to work on the current assignment will waive its due date in favor of 9:00am the next day. There will be a tutor available for this class. The schedule for open lab hours and tutoring times in M125 will be posted outside the door and on Blackboard. Grading Policy: There will be 3 major exams and a comprehensive final. Your lab grade will be calculated from quiz grades, lab exercises, and programming assignments. Your final grade will be computed as follows: Major Exams (3): 50% Final Exam 20% Lab Grade: 30% If you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to contact me as soon as possible using email or voicemail. If a makeup exam is given, I will want it to be taken before the next class meeting. Missing an exam is a serious matter and it is up to the student to take the proper action! Course Objectives: - To develop the ability to correctly analyze a variety of problems and generate appropriate algorithmic solutions. - To instill the principles of top-down, structured design when using the procedural programming paradigm. - To understand the basics of computer hardware and the steps of software development. - To understand how computers represent and store data. - To produce programs which use appropriate data types: simple variables, structs, arrays, strings, and multidimensional arrays. - To produce programs which use conditional execution structures, iteration structures, and functions. - To explore the syntax and usage of the C++ programming language as a means of accomplishing the above objectives. Equal Opportunity: South Plains College strives to accommodate the individual needs of all students in order to enhance their opportunities for success in the context of a comprehensive community college setting. It is the policy of SPC to offer all educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, or age. Students with disabilities, including but not limited to physical, psychiatric or learning disabilities, who wish to request accommodations in this class should notify the Special Services Office early in the semester so that the appropriate arrangements may be made. In accordance with federal law, a student requesting accommodations must provide acceptable documentation of his/her disability to the Special Services Coordinator. For more information, call or visit the Special Services Office in the Student Services Building, 806-716-2529. SPC Vision and Mission Statements: Spring 2012 Course Outline This proposed schedule may change as the semester progresses! Always refer to Blackboard for exact dates. Week Start date Topics 1 Jan 16 MLK Holiday, Mon 1/16 Chapter 1 Intro to Computers and Programming 2 Jan 23 Chapter 2 Intro to C++ Chapter 2 Data Types and Arithmetic

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