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MSU CE 321 - writing seminar

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Writing SeminarGeneral Discussion on how to write a paperCEE 321 Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryWriting Seminar COPEClarity Organization Precision EconomyPlagiarism: ZERO TOLERANCEIf a group or person is caught submitting someone else’s work as their own; that group or person will be given a 0.0 for the course.Key IssuesTransmittal Letter: Very Formal in language and style; Meant for management, not necessarily expertsConclusions to each objective backed up with specific resultsAbstracts: Summary of the complete experimentVery technicalObjectives and conclusions are stated; conclusions are backed-up with specific resultsFormat is found online at Techcom websiteLess than a pageResults: Start the results section with a paragraph.Refer to tables and graphs in writing.Tables and graphs by themselves show nothing. Only relevant results. Show the data that is important or is going tobe addressed in the discussion not every single piece of info youfind.Discussion: Needs to have a flow of ideas that come from the stated objectives.All objectives should be discussed and conclusions drawn.Data analysis with examplesConclusions: One conclusion per objectiveConclusions should directly address the objectivesBack up conclusions with specific resultsConsistency: Need to be consistent with nomenclature throughout the reportNeed to be consistent with verb tenses, choose the present or past;future tense is only used when writing proposalsBe consistent with the way you address your audience: 1st person,3rd PersonMissing Info: Make sure you have all of the sections we ask for in the reportMake sure you have all equations in your report (complete momentequation, error equations, etc)Don’t loose stupid points by not handing everything in the appendixCorrect Terminology: Level, balance, equilibrium and alignment are not interchangeable in technical conversation; use the technical definition, not the general spoken definitionError, Uncertainty and inaccuracy do not have the same meaning, nor are used in the same mannerSuitable, accurate, efficient and TRUE have different meanings as well.General Discussion on how to write a paperGrading: Grading is performed on the basis, how much time it will take to fix your report in order to be presented at 8: 00 am meeting with some international

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