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Informational Hearing Select Committee on Air and Water Quality Assemblymember Fran Pavley Chair California s Hydrogen Highways Testimony By Dr Timothy E Lipman Assistant Research Scientist Energy and Resources Group and Assistant Research Engineer Institute of Transportation Studies University of California Berkeley telipman socrates berkeley edu Thank you for the opportunity to provide this testimony to the Air and Water Quality Select Committee I would like to focus my comments on making three broad recommendations for the state to consider as it moves forward in exploring the prospects for this hydrogen highways plan However I would first like to note that during the years that I have been studying hydrogen and fuel cells for transportation I have seen great technological progress with regard to the development of fuel cell systems suitable for motor vehicles and with other important technologies such as hydrogen storage systems and electric motors and power electronics for vehicles For example ten years ago we did not know if sufficiently powerful fuel cells could be made compact enough for practical motor vehicles But now General Motors is on about their 10th generation of automotive fuel cell technology and has succeeded in increasing fuel cell system power densities to over 2 kilowatts per liter more than a tenfold improvement in less than 10 years However despite significant improvements in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies daunting challenges do remain These include fuel cell system cost and durability issues the challenges of safely and practically storing hydrogen onboard vehicles and of course the challenge of providing adequate refueling infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles used beyond centrally refueled fleet applications To me these challenges mean that California should carefully consider each step of a hydrogen infrastructure research development and deployment plan that is staged in some fashion to assure that certain important milestones are

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