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Geographic Coordinate Data Base Geographic Measurement Management For Windows WinGMM Version 1 00 10262001 Version Description Document L RPO GCDB WG VDD V1 00 10262001 October 26 2001 United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Land Resources Project Office Denver Federal Center Denver Colorado 80225 0047 GCDB WG VDD V1 00 10262001 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 SCOPE 1 1 1 Identification 1 1 2 System Overview 1 1 3 Document Overview 2 2 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS 2 3 VERSION DESCRIPTION 2 3 1 Inventory of Materials Released 2 3 2 Inventory of CSCI Contents 2 3 3 Changes Installed 4 a Summary of Software Changes 4 3 4 Adaptive Data 6 3 5 Interface Compatibility 6 3 6 Bibliography of Referenced Documents 6 3 7 Installation Instructions 6 3 8 Installation Instructions 6 a Web Download Installation 7 3 9 Possible Problems and Known Errors 7 WinGMM VDD doc ii 1 SCOPE 1 1 Identification Project Name System Name Geographic Coordinated Data Base GCDB Geographic Measurement Management for System Abbreviation Version Number Project Office Project Manager Project Sponsor System Users System Developer Windows WinGMM V1 00 10262001 Land Resources Project Office L RPO WO330D Leslie Cone L RPO Project Manager BLM Assistant Director Lands Realty and Resource Protection and BLM Assistant Director Office of IRM Modernization BLM GCDB Offices and professional land surveyors L RPO WO330D 1 2 System Overview The purpose of WinGMM is to provide a flexible means to generate a geographic coordinate representation of the Public Land Survey System and other parcel boundaries from existing record plat data supplemented with available geodetic control and data digitized from USGS quadrangle maps Input data has traditionally been taken from record Cadastral Survey plats and notes The purpose of these functions is to support initial data collection update and maintenance of the Bureau s GCDB data This Version Description Document describes the Geographic Measurement Management for

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