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SLAC PUB 1935 May 1977 T E Jo e y WHY SO INTERESTING B Humpert Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Stanford University Stanford California 94305 ABSTRACT The attempts at an implementation in the gauge theory framework perimental and theoretical of muon number nonconservation are presented constraints After discussing the ex in constructing on the proposed explanations for a possible violation and investigate the experimental models we focus of muon number implications The background of J L e y due to radiative muon decay is analyzed with the conclusion that it cannot explain the six events seen at SIN Submitted to the Meeting of the Swiss Physical Society Spring Session 1977 Lausanne Switzerland Work supported in part by the Energy Research and Development Administration 21 INTRODUCTION Recent months have witnessed considerable theory which was initiated by reports Theorists constructed explanations excitement in weak interaction of unpublished experimental results sometimes behind closed doors and papers appeared at a rate of two per day Why was there so much interest the particular reaction p e y even without useful experimental The successful unification the framework of non Abelian of weak and electromagnetic physics within SU2 X U1 model by Weinberg and describes all known data and phenomena in weak interaction However in recent years more and more experimental has accumulated which clearly tensions interactions gauge theories led to the triumphant One would be tempted to conclude that the first correctly results discoveries 2 and most recently to the detection of charmed particles of neutral currents Salam in indicates inconsistencies Many attempts at generalization information and hints at needed ex of the minimal model have there fore been proposed recently which extend the number of quarks leptons gauge bosons and needed Higgs particles beyond the simplest construction ent there exists a great deal of latitude in generalizing freedom which can only be

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