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Strategic Management Journal Strat Mgmt J 28 961 964 2007 Published online 24 April 2007 in Wiley InterScience www interscience wiley com DOI 10 1002 smj 620 Received 24 October 2006 Final revision received 13 November 2006 RESEARCH NOTES AND COMMENTARIES TOWARD GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF MARKET ORIENTATION AND THE RESOURCE BASED VIEW DAVID J KETCHEN JR1 G TOMAS M HULT2 and STANLEY F SLATER3 1 College of Business Auburn University Auburn Alabama U S A Eli Broad Graduate School of Management Michigan State University East Lansing Michigan U S A 3 College of Business Colorado State University Fort Collins Colorado U S A 2 Connor s commentary offers a series of thoughtful comments on the ideas presented in Hult Ketchen and Slater 2005 We focus on two of his contentions in our response First we argue that the theory underlying our study the resource based view is not tautological This is because resources and performance are not directly related Instead realizing the potential value of resources depends on those resources being exploited through a firm s strategic actions Second we disagree with Connor s contention that market oriented and customer led firms lie along a continuum We propose a richer conceptualization centered on a two by two matrix that contains market oriented firms customer led firms and two additional types Copyright 2007 John Wiley Sons Ltd We are pleased that Professor Connor 2007 took the time to comment on our recent article on market orientation and performance i e Hult Ketchen and Slater 2005 His intentions appear to be constructive and our reply adopts the same spirit We acknowledge that some of his critiques are well founded Certainly we agree that assessing long term performance is preferable to short term performance and we are intrigued by Connor s notion of disaggregating performance to discover what is due to market orientation and what is due to Keywords resource based view market orientation performance Correspondence to G Tomas M Hult

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