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MAP SEEKING CIRCUITS A NOVEL METHOD OF DETECTING AUDITORY EVENTS USING ITERATIVE TEMPLATE MAPPING B Jerry G Gregoire and Robert C Maher Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Montana State University Bozeman MT 59717 jgregoire ece montana edu rob maher montana edu as k means to discriminate between groups for classification or between individuals for detection Template methods use a known representation of a target signal and attempt to match it to a pattern A common problem for template matching techniques is the computational complexity that increases exponentially with the dimensionality of the data set To overcome this transforms are often used to produce invariance along one or more dimensions 1 Arathorn proposed a novel template matching technique Map Seeking Circuits MSCs to overcome the combinatorial explosion of template matching without the need to define invariant transforms 2 A MSC seeks to find an appropriate set of transforms that map a stored template to an unknown signal The algorithm uses superposition with an iterative matching process to converge on the best set of transforms that map a template to a target in an input signal A MSC is comprised of one or more layers and a set of templates Each layer represents a dimension and an associated transform such as translation scale or rotation The algorithm performs a set of transforms at each layer and sums the result The result is then sent to the following layer where the process is repeated for another dimension The algorithm depends on The Ordering Principle of Superposition 3 The principle states that if matches are computed between a pattern A and a superposition of a set of patterns the match will be greatest for the pattern within the superposition that is most like A The use of superposition reduces the computational complexity from exponential growth to linear growth thus making the problem tractable MSCs employ a nonlinear competition function to cull out the poorer transforms The

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