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Management of Information Systems 45870 Mini 3 Spring 2000 Thursday January 27 2000 1 Agenda Announcements and Reminders Technology Byte Presentations In Class Exercise Designing and Creating Databases Data Database Definitions and Concepts Database Structures IT Exercise II Assigned Using Access2000 to Create Relational Databases Thursday January 27 2000 2 Announcements Technology Byte Presentations Today 1 27 Tuesday 2 1 Section A E Team Tigers Section B E Sales The Masters Section A DeathSpiral Com E Sixpack Section B Jeree s Kids Hot TaMaLes IT Exercise I Due Today Thursday January 27 2000 3 In Class Exercise Reflection on IT Exercise I Pros and cons of using an HTML generator specifically FrontPage Reflections on use Thursday January 27 2000 What process did you use as a team to do this assignment What aspects of your process were effective Problematic How do you feel about your end product Based on this experience what managerial concerns or challenges do you have in relation to developing web pages for company intra inter extranets 4 The IT Architecture TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE DATA HARDWARE Thursday January 27 2000 5 Key Definitions Data Information File Database Metadata Thursday January 27 2000 6 Disadvantages of Traditional File Processing Systems Data Dependence Data Redundancy Limited Data Sharing Long Development Times Excessive Maintenance Thursday January 27 2000 7 Advantages of a Database Approach Minimal Data Redundancy Data Integration Data Independence Improved Data Sharing Enforcement of Consistent Standards and Constraints Better Access Security Backup Recovery Concurrency Thursday January 27 2000 8 Database Concepts Entities Examples Thursday January 27 2000 9 Database Concepts Relationships Types Thursday January 27 2000 1 1 1 M or M 1 M M 10 Database Concepts Attributes Examples Thursday January 27 2000 11 Database Concepts Records Example Thursday January 27 2000 12 Database Concepts Keys Types and Examples Thursday January 27 2000 13

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