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Spring 2010 Vol 4 Issue 2 APAM NEWS THE DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED PHYSICS APPLIED MATHEMATICS THE FU FOUNDATION SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING APPLIED SCIENCE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK 2010 Graduation left to right Photo 1 Applied Physics B S Dragos Velicanu Peter Traverso Photo 2 Materials Science Engineering B S Grace Chen Tian Luan Min Hua Chen Zachary Bullard Yu Hsuan Wang Chad Gurley and Yin Ju Photo 3 Medical Physics M S Jo Ann Provenchar Alena Tsioplaya Dear Alumni and Other Friends of APAM This term we celebrate the wonderful graduates of our undergraduate and graduate programs and note those who won departmental prizes In This Issue Message from the Chair Student News 2010 Simon Prize Award Winner Jeremy Hanson Undergraduate Award Winners Davidovits Shu and Chen Alumni News We are so very proud that APAM graduated the class salutatorian last year Stanley Snelson and the class valedictorian this year Seth Davidovits 2009 2010 Graduates In this issue we also profile the many exciting recent activities in APAM We highlight the major awards and recognition received by Simon Billinge Allen Boozer Latha Venkataraman Michael Weinstein and Steve Sabbagh We report on the spectacular success of Michael Mauel s levitated dipole plasma physics experiment We also note the articles in the Columbia press and general science media written about and by our faculty members Chris Wiggins and Simon Billinge Plasma Physics Reunion Dinner We in APAM are very pleased to extend a warm hello to our alumni and other friends of the department Please let us know of important events in your lives APAM Ph D s Alumni Updates Faculty News Applied Math Professor Works to Keep Students Off The Street Faculty Updates Billinge Receives the 2010 Hanawalt Award Boozer Receives the 2010 Alfv n Prize Venkataraman Receives the 2010 SEAS Kim Award Sabbagh Receives the 2009 Nuclear Fusion Award Weinstein Named 2010 SIAM Fellow Focus on Faculty Activities Michael Mauel Levitating Magnet May

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