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Topics 1 Progress on codes and results on stabilization of resistive wall modes including fast flowing liquid metals 2 Sputtering limitations on a hot scrape off layer with Lithium 3 Progress on exhausting the plasma outside the TF coils 4 A new ultimate upper limit on energy confinement has been found which appears reachable with this concept 5 Engineering possibilities for solid walls when exhausting the plasma outside the TF coils More Realistic Model to Examine Resistive Wall Kink Mode Stability Recall kink modes set the beta limit on tokamaks the relevant kinks are mainly driven by pressure Acceptable E must stabilize resistive wall kinks Up till now analysis code results for fast liquid metal LM stabilization has used simplified models with current driven kink modes Results are only qualitatively valid at best New model have modified ideal MHD GA code examine flowing LM stabilization of pressure driven kinks Presently still some simplifications 1 circular geometry 2 only high toroidal mode numbers 3 simplified pressure profiles Work is well on track to remove limitations 1 and 2 Despite simplifications new model is much better Realistic features of present Unrealistic feature of Model current driven model Pressure driving term with toroidal curvature and poloidal mode coupling No curvature No poloidal mode coupling High n modes become up down anti symmetric All modes are up down symmetric Kink ballooning resistive wall instabilities for n 5 10 like ARIES RS ARIES AT Instabilities for all n Ideal wall distance for stabilization constant for high n Widely varying wall stabilization distances with n some 0 Results New trends found which are not present in the current driven model Low intermediate n modes can be destabilized by high enough flow Different behavior for 1 flow from top to bottom standard CLIFF 2 flow from inboard to outbord L Zakharov For standard CLIFF High n modes are practically impossible to stabilize There is no velocity to stabilize high n

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