Marketing Regulatory Environment

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Marketing Regulatory Environment

Regulation of Advertising.

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Comstrat 380 - (ADVER) Advertising Principles and Practices

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Comstrat 380 1nd Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture I. What are the debates about Marcom’s social role II. Demand creation: shaping versus mirroring III. Diversity and stereotypes Outline of Current Lecture I. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) II. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) III. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) IV. Other regulatory bodies V. The impact of Regulation VI. Media Review of Advertising VII. Self-regulation Current Lecture I. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) i. Regulates deceptive and misleading advertising, focusing on: 1. Unfairness 2. Deception 3. Violation of public policy ii. It also oversees advertising involving weight loss products, children and elderly people, telemarketing, and the entertainment industry II. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a. Regulatory division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services b. Oversees package labeling, ingredient listings, and advertising for food and drugs c. Determines the safety and purity of foods, cosmetics d. It is also a watchdog or drug advertising III. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor’s lecture. GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes, not as a substitute.

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