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Rabbit Foundation Documentation Description The Rabbit foundation Figure 1 is built around a Rabbit 2200 processor module operating at 22 1 MHz The foundation contains a serial programming header as well as all of the power and support circuitry needed for basic operation Every I O pin from the processor is broken out to the main Tower connectors and passed up and down the entire stack Figure 1 The Rabbit foundation Hardware Detail In addition to the pins used for I2C communication each layer on the Tower stack has access to all of the I O pins from the foundation When the Rabbit s Ethernet module is in use there are 14 free I O pins 6 input only pins 2 output only pins and 2 serial port pins which are passed to every layer through the main Tower connectors The connectors are 18 pin surface mount Hirose connectors Each board has female connectors on the top and male connectors on the bottom so stacking layers is a simple process In addition to the I O pins two power busses and a ground line are also available to every layer The pin configuration for the connectors is detailed below Figure 2 Figure 2 Tower connectors pin configuration Note Pins PD4 and PD5 are actually serial port B which is translated to SCK and SDA by an on board PIC The foundation itself as well as many of the layers obtain their power only off of the primary power bus The primary bus can be powered by either four AA batteries or through a 1mm wall jack also located on the foundation The Rabbit foundation can accept only rechargeable batteries due to their slightly lower voltage As an alternative to batteries the wall jack can be used It must have a 1mm negative tip connector providing at least 6 volts since it gets regulated down to a tight 5 volts and needs a bit of overhead to do so Rabbit Foundation Documentation 1 Some layers that consume more power have the option of using either the primary of secondary bus To put power on the secondary bus a cable is needed that plugs into the 2 pin power

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