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JANUARY 28 2010 LOGIN SUBSCRIBE to FBN E NEWSLETTER Designer milks Milk fractionation technology meets consumer demand for nutrition value FoodBusinessNews net January 19 2010 by Dr Phillip Tong Milk fractionation allows food and beverage manufacturers to keep all of the best components milk has to offer its texture taste protein content and calcium and remove lactose to provide value added milk and dairy protein concentrates I view it as a molecular sieve said Shakeel UrRehman who worked with researchers from the Dairy Products Technology Center D P T C at California Polytechnic State University Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on the fractionation technology that was used in the development of a dairy product called Mootopia before he joined Select Milk Producers Artesia N M as director of research and development There are holes in the membrane that allow certain materials to go through and we can customize the membrane and process conditions to separate or keep whatever we choose Select Milk Producers turned to the D P T C for product and process development assistance to develop the value added brand Mootopia that is sold in H E B supermarkets throughout Texas The product line includes a 2 reduced fat chocolate milk low fat milk and a fat free milk and provides up to 14 grams of protein per serving up to 50 more protein and up to 25 more calcium than a serving of whole milk In addition the products are lactose free and the 2 reduced fat Mootopia Chocolate milk has up to 70 less sugar than other commercial chocolate milks The fractionation technology used by Select Milk Producers was mirrored in the development of protein concentrates with its partner company The Good Cow Co Boise Idaho The Good Cow Co uses the fractionation technology to develop shelfstable protein concentrates sold and shipped overseas to the U S military to help soldiers meet their protein intake needs The Good Cow Co also has worked with the Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center S D F R C at North

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