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Constitutional Law Sections 1 2 Professor Fleming Spring 2007 Syllabus Materials for Course Walter F Murphy James E Fleming Sotirios A Barber Stephen Macedo American Constitutional Interpretation 3d ed 2003 ACI Supplemental Readings SR ACI is available in the Bookstore SR will be available on Blackboard The Student User Guide to Fordham Blackboard Courses is appended on pages 13 14 of this Syllabus Both ACI and SR will be on reserve in the Library Administrative Details Office Room 229 Telephone 212 636 6839 Fax 212 636 6899 Email jfleming law fordham edu Office Hours 1 00 2 00 Monday before class or by appointment Final Examination Wednesday May 9 9 30 12 30 limited open book exam no copies of answers to previous exams that were on reserve in the Library are permitted in the exam room Assignments There will be 28 class meetings during the semester and there are 28 assignments formulated below Some assignments will take more and others less than a full class session but this syllabus should serve to indicate the overall pace and emphases of the course Most of the assigned cases and materials are in ACI and are noted in the syllabus with page numbers The remaining assigned cases and materials are in the Supplemental Readings available on Blackboard and are noted with SR The assigned introductory chapters in ACI are noted with page numbers preceded by ACI Entries on the syllabus with no assigned pages indicate topics on which I shall lecture briefly 2 General Outline I The Problems of Constitutional Interpretation What is the Constitution Who May Authoritatively Interpret It and How is It to be Interpreted II Who May Authoritatively Interpret the Constitution A For the National Government B For the Federal System III How is the Constitution to be Interpreted Keeping Political Processes Open A Freedom of Political Communication B Political Participation IV How Treating Equals Equally 1 2 3 4 5 6 Historical Background and Deferential Scrutiny Suspect Classifications

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