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The Astronomical Journal 137 218 225 2009 January c 2009 The American Astronomical Society All rights reserved Printed in the U S A doi 10 1088 0004 6256 137 1 218 A DISTANCE LIMITED IMAGING SURVEY OF SUBSTELLAR COMPANIONS TO SOLAR NEIGHBORHOOD STARS Joseph C Carson1 Kyle D Hiner2 4 Gregorio G Villar III2 Michael G Blaschak2 Alexander L Rudolph2 and Karl R Stapelfeldt3 2 1 Max Planck Institut fu r Astronomie Ku nigstuhl 17 69117 Heidelberg Germany Physics Department California State Polytechnic University Pomona 3801 W Temple Ave Pomona CA 91768 USA 3 Jet Propulsion Laboratory 4800 Oak Grove Dr Pasadena CA 91109 USA Received 2008 September 9 accepted 2008 October 9 published 2008 December 10 ABSTRACT We report techniques and results of a Palomar 200 inch 5 m adaptive optics imaging survey of substellar companions to solar type stars The survey consists of Ks coronagraphic observations of 21 FGK dwarfs out to 20 pc median distance 17 pc At 1 separation 17 projected AU from a typical target system the survey achieves median sensitivities 7 mag fainter than the parent star In terms of companion mass this corresponds to sensitivities of 50 MJ 1 Gyr 70 MJ solar age and 75 MJ 10 Gyr using the evolutionary models of Baraffe and colleagues Using common proper motion to distinguish companions from field stars we find that no system shows positive evidence of a previously unknown substellar companion searchable separation 20 250 projected AU at the median target distance Key words methods data analysis stars low mass brown dwarfs surveys techniques high angular resolution 22 pc stars and Carson et al 2005 2006 used Palomar AO to survey 80 nearby median distance 17 pc stars with unknown ages These references represent some of the larger direct imaging high contrast surveys but there are a number of other surveys as well The observations described in this document largely provide an extension to Carson et al 2005 although the new target list is focused more strongly on solar

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