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Journal of Scientific Exploration Vol 18 No 3 pp 369 397 2004 0892 3310 04 The MegaREG Experiment Replication and Interpretation Y H DOBYNS B J DUNNE R G JAHN AND R D NELSON Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research School of Engineering and Applied Science Princeton University Princeton NJ 08544 5263 Abstract Anomalous effects of human intention on the output of electronic random event generators REGs have been well established at the PEAR laboratory and elsewhere A simple model of this effect as a change in the binary probability of the REG digits would predict that larger statistical yield can be achieved simply by processing more bits This hypothesis was explored previously using protocols ranging from 20 to 2000 bits per trial with results that were consistent with the bitwise model but had too little resolution to rule out many competing models More recently a MegaREG experiment was deployed to test this hypothesis using 2 million bit trials interspersed with 200bit trials in a double blind protocol In the initial phase of MegaREG the 200 bit trials produced outcomes comparable with our standard experiments while the 2 million bit trials produced an effect somewhat larger in absolute scale but inverted with regard to intention A subsequent replication phase reproduced these findings except for statistically nonsignificant quantitative changes These appear to be secondary consequences of a statistically significant difference between operators having and lacking prior experience in REG experiments the relative proportions of which account for the differences between these experimental phases Other operator population distinctions such as gender and various secondary protocol parameters had no significant effects A related experiment called MegaMega differing from MegaREG only in that all data used 2 million bits per trial with no interspersal of a second data type produced a reversed intentional effect of the same scale It also displayed a significant asymmetry

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