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Announcements 1 Papers Due Next Week 2 Presentations in two weeks Come in early to load PowerPoints prior to class No Makeups 3 Final in three weeks on 12 7 at 6 15 pm Energy Policy History 1 Oil Embargo of 1973 1974 2 President Nixon established the Federal Energy Office later the Federal Energy Administration later the Department of Energy 3 Congress instituted the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 during the Ford Administration Required passenger car and light trucks to meet CAFE Standards CAFE Standards Energy Policy History cont 1 President Carter Energy policy was number one priority Carter created the DOE and provided for federal research in developing clean energy technology 2 President Reagan rewrote most energy policy Energy conservation and renewable energy programs were Energy Policy History cont 1 President Bush Sr signed an E O on Federal Energy Management Government buildings fleets fuels 2 He also signed the Energy Policy Act EPAct in 1992 This was a comprehensive Act that made an attempt to strike a balance between energy development and energy efficiency renewable energy and alternative fuel vehicle programs 1 Energy Policy History cont 1 President Clinton Issued EO in 1999 to promote energy efficiency in federal buildings Raised the speed limit back to 65 MPH in 1995 Promoted voluntary programs such as Energy Star and Green Lights The Energy Policy Act of 2005 1 Signed into law in August 2005 favored increasing supply over efficiency and conservation 2 Heavily favors traditional sources of energy including coal petroleum natural gas and nuclear 3 Provides minimal tax incentives for conservation and energy efficiency 4 Extends the Price Anderson Act through 2005 more later The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound comprehensive energy policy Dick Cheney April 2001 1 Originally would have cut subsidies to petroleum industry these provisions

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