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Winterer E L Sager W W Firth J V and Sinton J M Eds 1995 Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results Vol 143 32 EARLY CRETACEOUS SHALLOW WATER BENTHIC FORAMINIFERS AND FECAL PELLETS FROM LEG 143 COMPARED WITH COEVAL FAUNAS FROM THE PACIFIC BASIN CENTRAL AMERICA AND THE TETHYS 1 Annie Arnaud Vanneau2 and William V Sliter3 ABSTRACT Early Cretaceous shallow water benthic foraminifers and fecal pellets were recovered from Allison and Resolution guyots in the western Mid Pacific Mountains MPM during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 143 These faunas are used to date the carbonate platform owing to the near absence of other microfossils Four sites contained the Early Cretaceous assemblages Site 865 on Allison Guyot and Sites 866 867 and 868 which were drilled as part of a transect across the perimeter of Resolution Guyot Of these sites Site 866 located about 1 5 km inward from the perimeter mound on Resolution Guyot provided the most complete record of carbonate sedimentation because drilling penetrated about 1600 m of Hauteri vian to late Albian shallow water carbonate rocks capped by a thin veneer of Maastrichtian to Pliocene pelagic sediments before encountering basalt The Hauterivian age of the basal limestone pre dates the clastic limestone of Barremian age from Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 463 in the MPM and thus represents the oldest shallow water carbonate rocks yet recovered from the Pacific Basin Forty four species of benthic foraminifers including the new species Nezzazata isabellae and Vercorsella wintered and three species of fecal pellets are grouped into five biostratigraphically significant assemblages Assemblage I late Albian Assemblage II middle to late Albian Assemblage III late Aptian to early Albian Assemblage IV Barremian to early Aptian and Assemblage V Hauterivian This biostratigraphic succession served as the standard for dating and comparing the Aptian to Albian sequence at Site 865 and the Albian sediments at Sites 867 868 as well as

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