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Agenda Review articles from Chapter 8 Test Your Knowledge Questions page 202 Chapter 9 Dimensions of Problem Solving OH 9 1 9 OH 9 2 9 2 Dimensions of Problem Solving Hospitality and Restaurant Management Chapter Learning Objectives Explain the need for problem solving in daily operations Describe and apply problem solving tactics Give examples of consequences of improper problem resolution Describe how crises can be prevented Create an evacuation plan Describe elements in an effective media policy OH 9 3 Need for Effective Problem Solving Managers must be effective problem solvers Managers can rarely be 100 certain about their decisions and must be comfortable with risks that occur as decisions are made OH 9 4 Steps in the Problem Solving Model OH 9 5 Problem Solving Model Step 1 Define the Problem A problem should be defined as precisely as possible Identify who or what is affected OH 9 6 Problem Solving Model Step 2 Determine Root Cause Root Cause the action or situation that initiates the problem Causes are typically system breakdowns or human errors Be sure to identify the real root cause and not just contributing factors or symptoms OH 9 7 Problem Solving Model Step 3 Determine Alternative Solutions Generate a list of potential solutions to the problem Use a questioning process What are consequences of this action Is it cost effective Is it reasonable Will it be effective OH 9 8 Problem Solving Model Step 4 Select the Best Solution Alternative solutions should be evaluated A shortened list should be re evaluated Evaluation factors should consider questions about systems processes behavior and outputs OH 9 9 Problem Solving Model Step 5 Develop an Action Plan Action plan strategy of steps to implement so the problem will not reoccur An action plan should identify Each step The person responsible Resources needed Completion date OH 9 10 Problem Solving Model Step 6 Implement the Action Plan Communicate the plan to affected individuals Follow up to assure that

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