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SEMINAR PAPER PROPOSAL DUE Monday March 23 Your seminar paper proposal provides an opportunity to begin testing ideas for research developing a research problem or question s and writing It should offer you a provisional map and an opportunity to receive feedback on the feasibility and significance of your project before you get too far into your research Description Write a brief no more than one to two page proposal that outlines 1 your research problem or question 2 a brief description of your project including your methodology e g historical empirical rhetorical linguistics hermeneutical etc and the scope e g time frame object people region etc 3 a brief discussion of the theory or set of theories you anticipate using in your project you might attach a tentative bibliography of these 4 a brief discussion oft your assumptions concerning the problem or question s what do you expect to find in your research 5 a reflection on why you are interested in this problem or question s Suggestions for Identifying a Research Problem and Drafting Research Questions At the heart of any scholarly endeavor is a good question s Constructing good research question s or defining good research problems is a challenging task The following heuristics are meant to help you get started As you read the relevant scholarship in your research area you may well find yourself revising those questions or problem statements Stay loose Revising these is all par for the course 1 Identify a research area What area or aspect of material culture relates best to your current interests and future professional goals Jot down graduate courses topics problems and readings have caught your attention Keep a notebook for listing ideas questions and problems that emerge from your readings and class discussions Review calls for papers and editorial policies in current issues of scholarly journals related to your field of interest to get an overview of the hot topics and methods in your field of interest

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