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Chapter 4 Rethinking Radical Pedagogy as Movement Building Service Learning Counterpublics and Autonomous Activism Many of the struggles over schooling I discussed in the last chapter have continued to reassert themselves as U S capitalist democracy has reorganized In his recent book Stealing Innocence Henry Giroux reaffirms that progressive educators need to see formal schooling as a contested site of political struggle that is neither free from the influences of the dominant culture nor a site where hegemony is reproduced mechanistically 130 1 1 As in his previous writings Giroux draws upon Antonio Gramsci s theories of hegemony to situate education as a cultural site of struggle Even though Gramsci did not believe that state sponsored schools alone would provide the conditions for social change Giroux argues he did suggest they had a role to play in nourishing the tension between the democratic principles of society and the dominating 1 Giroux has made this argument throughout his long career In his first book Ideology Culture and the Process of Schooling he argued vigorously against prevailing radical educational theorists who saw education as either free from social structures or that it sole function was to reproduce compliant workers Schooling must viewed in non mechanistic terms as a superstructural agency that has both relative and dependent features which characterize its relationship to the dominant mode of production Giroux Ideology 78 Even as he rejected this explicitly marxist terminology in his later work he continued to insist on this dynamic approach of analyzing schooling Giroux Border Crossings 151 2 Giroux and McLaren Radical Pedagogy 153 4 Giroux Impure Acts 143 4 Mahoney 128 principles of capitalism and corporate power 130 Giroux picks up on Gramsci s argument that every relation of hegemony is necessarily an educative relationship that exists not only in schools but in the culture at large Gramsci 350 Like all aspects of civil society Gramsci

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