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Social Change in Natural ResourceBased Rural Communities The Evolution of Sociological Research and Knowledge As Influenced by the Contributions of William R Freudenburg Richard S Krannich PhD Department of Sociology Social Work Anthropology Utah State University Some Historical Background The 1973 Arab oil embargo and resulting shortfalls in U S energy supplies Project Independence launched by Nixon to stimulate domestic energy exploration and production Combined with resource price increases this contributed to a surge of resource development activity especially in the northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions Location of most developments in spatially remote sparsely populated areas with limited local labor availability Led to massive in migration of workers and dependents and boomtown growth conditions in many settings Overwhelming of local infrastructure and service capacities observed and early signs of adverse effects on human quality of life and social disruption consequences Enter Freudenburg Major Contributions Addressing the Social Consequences of Resource Based Growth and Development Five Key Areas of Contribution Raising consciousness and addressing problems of inattention Providing methodological guidance and leadership Promoting analytic rigor and depth Providing conceptual and theoretical guidance Laying foundations for future research Raising Consciousness and Addressing Problems of Inattention 1976 ASA paper The social impact of energy development on rural communities a review of literatures and predictions 1978 AAAS paper Toward ending the inattention A report on the social consequences of energy boomtown developments Key shortfalls and limitations identified including Limited extent and accessibility of what was at the time a largely fugitive literature Limited evidence of extrapolation from analogous impact experiences Tendency for socioeconomic analyses to exclude the social and focus on fiscal and employment issues Social analyses

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