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CRITICAL DESIGN REVIEW Mazebot Dr Philip Olivier Southeast Robotics Inc Client Technical Advisor Dr John Reece Technical Advisor Dr Hodge Jenkins Senior Project Manage Team Robotics Design Unit RDU Members Michael Sahlu Osahun Igunbor Executive Summary Simulation and modeling are used to represent real world applications Southeast Robotics Inc saw the need to show engineering students the correlation between simulation and real life implementation of scientific tests and experiments Mobot s Robotic Design Unit RDU was asked to build a maze solving robot called Mazebot Mazebot is a physical representation of MazeBots pro simulation software which is a maze solving program that uses different user algorithms and demonstrates artificial intelligence The MazeBots pro software contains a robot that navigates mazes Users have the ability to change the maze and develop an algorithm for the robot To design and build the maze we consider different materials and follow characteristics of the maze in the software The robot s body is made out of Lego due to the client s request and works very similar to the simulation In the first phase of the project we designed a sample maze and a maze solving robot called Mazebot At this stage we have implemented the design of the robot and constructed a second larger maze that is eight feet by eight feet The robot will be able to guide itself through a randomly generated maze Notice the difference between MazeBots pro simulation software and Mazebot which is the name for our robot design Throughout this project RDU followed an organized management plan with a welldefined schedule of deliverables and use of resources to serve our client better Along with the robot RDU will provide the client with two mazes Mazebot design document instruction manual and two sample algorithms pre installed for solving the mazes RDU will provide any technical assistance in the future when required by the Southeast Robotics Inc 0 Table of Content Executive

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