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CONCLUDING REMARKS Remarks of Mark Thomson T hank you Claudio and thanks to the last panelists as well As we conclude I would like to make four main comments about issues that I found particularly interesting from today s presentations and discussions First we have seen that the specific needs of vulnerable groups require monitors to have special skills to provide effective recommendations that will reduce the risk of torture to these groups For example the presentation on persons with disabilities clearly showed the need to employ a specific approach to these issues surrounding certain persons deprived of liberty Second there must be regular contact with persons deprived of liberty This is essential because the reports alone do not effectuate change Organizations must regularly go to detention centers to meet with authorities and detainees This regularity provides better protection ensures there will be no repercussions against people that have been interviewed and better identifies solutions to improve the situations Third there is clearly a genuine appreciation understanding and willingness among the variety of bodies that monitor places of detention to further collaborate both in information sharing and preparing visits Governmental bodies are exchanging information with non governmental institutions because good preparation requires drawing on a variety of information sources and collaboration increases the effectiveness of those particular bodies This is a very positive development and collaboration should continue to prevent any future abuses lobbying It inspires optimism when organizations collaborate with different national actors supported by international and regional bodies In conclusion let me add that I very much appreciate all of the different panelists the moderators and all those people that helped this conference come together today We look forward to seeing how we can work with WCL to take these ideas further by sharing this meeting the

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