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H 1B Visa and Green Card Reform Joshua Gloster University of Georgia Abstract H 1B visas and green cards for high skilled foreign workers have had an almost entirely positive effect on the American economy H 1B visas which are temporary non immigrant visas and green cards which allow for permanent residence are being issued at too low of a rate even considering the decline in growth of the American economy Support for removing the cap on H 1B visas and green cards will be based on analysis of current literature regarding the shortage of high skilled labor in America free market solutions to immigration issues and the failure of other policies to solve the labor shortage Due to the need for a greater number of skilled workers and to lessen the problem of outsourcing Congress should pass legislation to enact both H 1B visa and green card reform Currently corporations like Google and Microsoft must circumvent H 1B visa restrictions by outsourcing jobs overseas Lifting the cap on H 1B visas will help end this detrimental process Also the green card application process should be simplified so H 1B workers who deserve green cards can obtain them Positive effects will include an increase in the sense of acceptance among H 1B workers an increase in their sense of civic responsibility and incorporation of these workers intowithin the tax base The complaints of many American workers should be taken seriously and properly addressed but the potential benefits of H 1B visa and green card reform prove that they outweigh the costs Introduction America is a nation driven by innovation technological prowess and free trade During World War II America imported European scientists to design the first nuclear weapons under the Manhattan Project establishing the United States as the center of scientific research The Silicon Valley boomed in the 1980s and 1990s due to the entrepreneurship of foreign businessmen In fact more than half of Silicon Valley startups over the past decade were

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