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T E X A S A D U L T L E D U C A T I O N E S S O N P S T A N D A R D S L A N Before you begin Title Sleep and Dreams Setting ESL NRS Level s Level 1 Beginning Literacy Level 5 High Intermediate Open entry exit No Context Academic Standard s Speak So Others Can Understand Benchmark s 1 1 1 5 2 1 2 5 3 1 3 5 4 1 4 5 Objective Students will learn and apply special vocabulary in real life situations Materials Multimedia equipment overhead screen newspapers periodicals chart paper transparencies markers Estimated time needed to prepare for this lesson plan 1 hour Estimated time needed to complete this lesson plan 16 hours 2 hours twice a week for 4 weeks The Lesson Plan Introduce the lesson Question students about their understanding of sleep related issues to assess background knowledge Teach the lesson The topic Sleep and Dreams is explored using ads from newspapers and magazines about mattress sales and sleep aids Students will find special vocabulary words used in ads to sell mattresses beds and pillows They will search drugstore ads to look for sleep aids Practice the lesson Each student will create and share a K W L chart on the overhead Students will generate questions needing more research Students work in groups to design and promote a Sleep aid anti snoring device and write jingles using specialized vocabulary 1 Assess the lesson Evidence of learning will be documented through formal and informal observations A short quiz at the end of the activity will assess specialized vocabulary covered material and oral presentations Apply the lesson to the real world Students will gain knowledge and understanding of persuasive language used by manufacturers and drug companies to sell sleep aids Submitted by Neera Chopra K W L What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED Source Ogle D S 1986 K W L group instructional strategy In A S Palincsar D S Ogle B F Jones E G Carr Eds Teaching reading as thinking Teleconference Resource Guide pp 11 17 Alexandria VA Association for

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