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Discussion Guide Security through Information Risk Management October 5 2007 As information security risks continue to evolve many organizations are moving from a traditional security mindset to a risk management mindset Effectively evaluating the risks both internal and external requires understanding the motivation of the attackers While shielding the organization from the latest automated online noise such as worms or viruses may consume many security resources the most serious threats to any business come from attackers with economic motivation Increasingly organizations are faced with threats from professionals with very specific intentions Some of these motivations are obvious and immediately recognizable Others are more subtle with lasting impact For example protecting against intellectual property leakage may be one of the most difficult assignments for CISOs since the losses are often not immediately observed and the impact may not be felt for years Protecting against these economically driven threats requires much more than technology It requires building security into the culture of an organization so that everyone can recognize and evaluate the risks Like total quality management total security management means security at the source every employee manager and executive In this workshop CISOs directors of information security will discuss how companies are managing their information security risk and building secure organizations in the face of more sophisticated attacks Using a moderated roundtable format with panel discussions and structured breakouts we will explore the following topics Senior Executive Panel Business Risk and Information Risk A panel of executives will discuss the following questions Come prepared to dialog with them Does your firm think about information risk in terms of overall business risk Firms face many types of risks How do line of business executives within your firm think about information risk as compared with other

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