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CAD GUIDE Use this guide to layout your drawings By using this guide there will be a consistency in the way drawings are organized This guide is by no means definitive or complete but it can serve as a basis for project coordination After the drawing is set up the layout can begin First items to coordinate are all the vertical elements If a building has a column grid use it to organize ALL the drawings Relate everything to the grid coordinates Layout Exterior walls to grid then interior walls to grid Make sure stairs elevators and vertical ducts are all aligned properly After the vertical items are located lay out windows equipment and fixtures Work from large global to smaller specific in plan It isn t unlikely however to stop in the process of plan drawing to work out a detail By working the detail out you can determine the dimensions and materials to note in plan FILE ORGANIZATION Project files are organized under the ARCHITECTURAL folder on the Student Server Typical graphic symbols such as Section Marks Elevation Marks Detail Title Sheet Title Room Number Mark Door Window Mark can be located in the 0TOOLS folder Plumbing Mechanical Electrical drawings are located in the PME folder in the 0TOOLS folder The team individual folder will contain design development drawings as well as completed drawings Each team individual folder will have a subfolder labeled BLOCKS for any blocks in the drawings created by your team and NOTES for any note taking files or code research files In a multiple sheet project completed drawings ready to plot will be named by sheet number for example A CS DWG A 01 DWG A 02 DWG etc The first letter is the discipline code followed by a dash then a two digit sheet number You are responsible to back up your files If a file is lost or corrupted use AutoCAD s recover feature TOOLS TAB DRAWING UTILITIES RECOVER Learn to save your work often Just type QSAVE at the command prompt or press Ctrl S Create your own profile Modify the screen as desired

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