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Breakout Group Outbrief Alternative Ops Concepts Session 11c Kevin B Kreitman Session Chair GSAW 2002 New Ops Concepts Theme Perspective shift from stovepiped systems to user centered networked assets Integration multi user multi asset Automate processes Evolve and Extend Critical for new integrated and networked world multinational cooperation new military interoperability needs RMA effects based operations civil cooperative efforts Multi user Multi asset Integration The technology exists now Multiple vendors of Enterprise Application Integration software Message bus XML or analog workflow manager transaction monitor integrated security admin Connect legacy systems via adaptors as needed Change process flow with graphical interface Significant commercial base success in methodology and technology maturity in recent years including DoD applications in logistics and information applications Don t have to shut down for block implementation Integration is incremental based on needs particular systems and processes Additional technologies are relevant to solve aspects of problems These include peer to peer technologies and JINI Web Services standards emerging rapidly Automation of Processes Jeff Langston The Aerospace Corporation on Knowledge based systems for automation and decision support Difficult to construct so they are complete and reliable Important to capture and preserve specialized knowledge Result in faster and improved decisionmaking in dealing with complex data Ron Cohen Jet Propulsion Labs on Automated satellite tasking can be constructed to enable user intervention joy stick operation or by default to use multiple criteria effectively for determining target collects Well constructed software avoids violating satellite operations constraints Optimizes asset utilization significant improvement over humans ROI especially for sustained long term missions Social and political barriers to transition are real Experience with system resulted in gradual adoption

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