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Chapter 9 Database Manageme nt Today Review 6 parts of the IT model Understand what a database is Demonstrate a database example using Access Definitions o Data a collection of unprocessed items which can include text numbers images audio and video o Database a collection of related data organized in a manner that allows users to keep track of that data o Database software DBMS software that allows users to create a digital database Think about it Name the data that would need to be kept track of in A telephone directory College course offerings Members of Congress Movie listing Party guest list Databases Data and Information What is a database Collection of data organized so you can access retrieve and use it Database software allows you to Create database Add change and delete data p 332 Database software also called database management system DBMS Sort and retrieve data Create forms and reports Next The Hierarchy of Data Bit smallest unit of data a computer can understand Character 1 Byte or 8 bits Field a collection of related characters Records a collection of related fields Data Files Tables a collection of related records Database a collection of related files bit byte field record file DB The Hierarchy of Data What is a field Combination of one or more characters Smallest unit of data user accesses p 335 Fig 9 3 Field size defines the maximum number of characters a field can contain Field name uniquely identifies each field Data type specifies kind of data field contains Next The Hierarchy of Data What are common data field types Text also called alphanumeric letters numbers or special characters Currency dollar and cent amounts or numbers containing decimal values Yes No only the values Yes or No or True or False p 335 Numeric numbers only AutoNumber unique number automatically assigned to each new record Date Memo month day year and sometimes time lengthy text entries Hyperlink Web address that links to document or Web page Object photograph audio video or

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