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FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO VOLUNTEER ADMINISTRATION LEADERSHIP PROFICIENCY OF SOUTHERN REGION 4 H COUNTY FACULTY Nicole Stedman Assistant Professor Texas A M University Rick D Rudd Associate Professor University of Florida Abstract Volunteer administration leadership is an important component of any successful 4 H program Proficiency in competencies associated with volunteer administration can prove to be one s greatest asset in his her ability to successfully develop the leadership of youth With that leadership style is also an important consideration because it provides a means for working with individuals and reaching programmatic goals The purpose of this research was to determine factors which contribute to volunteer administration leadership proficiency of 4 H county faculty in the southern region In order to do this demographics and correlations among identified independent variables were analyzed The primary intent was to develop a prediction equation for perceived proficiency in VAL competence Although seven variables correlated with perceived proficiency in VAL competence organizational culture importance and age were responsible for 43 of the variation in the model These factors can guide efforts related to volunteer programming including professional development opportunities for 4 H county faculty in the southern region A focused curriculum addressing organizational culture and a mentoring program for faculty has the potential to increase VAL proficiency programs It is essential for 4 H county faculty to understand volunteer administration leadership VAL when 450 000 adults contribute to 4 H programs across the nation The most effective way to ensure the continued contributions of volunteers to the 4 H mission is by providing a quality volunteer experience Boyce explored the notion of withholding information as power in his application of the ISOTURE model to 4 H adult volunteer leaders He understood the value of volunteers to the organization and provided

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