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Grid Computing 7700 Fall 2005 Lecture 1 About Grid Computing Gabrielle Allen allen bit csc lsu edu http www cct lsu edu gallen Teaching Numerical Relativity Black holes neutron stars supernovae gravitational waves Governed by Einsteins Equations very complex need to solve numerically 10 coupled mixed elliptic hyperbolic PDEs thousands of terms High fidelity solutions need more research in numerics physics but also larger computers better infrastructure Physics currently limited by information technology Numerical Relativity Good motivating example for Grid computing Large varied distributed collaborations need to work together Need lots of cycles storage currently using teraflops terabytes Need to share results codes parameter files Need advanced visualization steering www Googlism com for grid computing grid computing is the next big thing grid computing is one of the hottest areas in computing today grid computing is a flaky concept grid computing is the next evolutionary wave after the internet grid computing is an approach to distributed computing that spans locations as well as organizations grid computing is computing as a utility grid computing is still a few years off grid computing is like throwing darts at a dragonfly grid computing is no longer just a buzzword grid computing is still an emerging academic research field grid computing is to deliver computing and storage resources like utility companies deliver power grid computing is a way to create a virtual supercomputer by connecting large numbers of pcs in different locations over a shared network grid computing is going to enable things we can t even imagine grid computing is based on the concept of coordinated shared use of computers grid computing is applying the resources of many computers in a network to a single problem at the same time grid computing is an emerging technology that allows seamless sharing of geographically distributed computational resources and networked instrumentation grid

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